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Board Games for Kids

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Buy Board Games online from a collection of 455 Products at with prices starting at AED 8.

Title: Discover a World of Fun and Learning with Board Games for Kids in the UAE

Are you searching for the perfect way to engage your child's mind while having hours of family fun? Look no further than our extensive collection of board games for kids, carefully curated to entertain, educate, and inspire. From classic favorites like Chess and Snakes & Ladders to innovative IQ games and Cartoon Character Based Games, we have something for every child's taste. Let's explore the diverse world of board games, ensuring you make the right choice for your little one.

Types of Board Games for Kids:

1. Playing Cards:

These are not just ordinary playing cards; they are specially designed for kids, making it easy to buy board games for little ones. You can conveniently order these board games online in the UAE, providing hours of fun with classic games like Go Fish and Crazy Eights. These cards are among the best board games for kids and perfect for family board games night.

2. Life & Travel Board Games:

Whether you want to buy board games online or explore them in local stores, life and travel board games are a fantastic option for kids. These games take young adventurers on exciting journeys, making them some of the best family board games available. Games like "The Game of Life" and "Travel Monopoly" are perfect for kids in the UAE.

3. Animals, Birds & Marine Life Games:

For those interested in educational and animal-themed board games for kids, you can find a variety of options to buy board games. These games introduce children to the wonders of the natural world. Online retailers in the UAE offer a wide selection of these engaging board games for kids.

4. IQ Games:

When looking for board games online, consider IQ games that challenge young minds and enhance cognitive skills. These games are not only educational but also highly entertaining. They're among the best board games for kids in terms of mental development.

5. Chess & Sudoku:

Chess for kids and checkers are among the classic board games for kids that never go out of style. You can also sudoku for kids is a fantastic math-based game. These games are ideal for both fun and learning.

6. Dominoes & Tile Games:

When you decide to buy board games online in the UAE, don't forget to explore options like dominoes and tile games. These are not just fun but also fantastic for developing counting and matching skills in kids.

7. Pop-Up Board Games:

Pop-up board games provide a delightful twist on traditional board gaming. These interactive games are highly engaging and a great addition to any collection of board games for kids.

8. Words, Pictures & Scrabbles Games:

Enhance your child's vocabulary and language skills with word-based board games. These games are among the best family board games and are easily accessible when you buy board games online.

9. Ludo, Snakes & Ladders:

Timeless classics like Ludo game for kids and Snake and Ladder game for kids are essential additions to any collection of board games for kids. They teach valuable skills such as counting, patience, and sportsmanship, and you can conveniently buy board games of this type online.

10. Business/Monopoly:

Introduce your child to financial concepts and decision-making with junior versions of Monopoly. These business game for children are both educational and entertaining.

11. Cartoon Character Based Games:

Online retailers in the UAE offer a wide range of Cartoon Character Based Games featuring your child's favorite characters. These games are among the most sought-after board games for kids.

12. Pin Ball Game:

For those interested in classic best pinball game online, you can find options designed specifically for kids when you buy board games online. These games offer the excitement of pinball in a child-friendly format.

Materials of Board Games:

Plastic Board Games:

Plastic board games are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for outdoor play. They are a popular choice when parents in the UAE look to buy board games for their kids.

Wooden Board Games:

Wooden board games have a classic and natural feel, making them highly appealing to parents searching for the best board games for kids.

Paper and Cardboard Board Games:

Affordable paper and cardboard board games are readily available when you buy board games online. They are perfect for casual play.

Magnetic Board Games:

Magnetic board games are ideal for travel, as the pieces stay in place even on bumpy rides. These are highly practical for families in the UAE.

Metal Board Games:

Board games made of metal are sturdy and durable, making them suitable for rough play. They are a long-lasting choice when you buy board games for kids.

With this wide variety of board games and materials, you can easily find the perfect option for your child when you decide to buy board games online in the UAE.

Why Choose Board Games for Kids?

Educational Value:

Board games are known for their educational benefits, including enhancing critical thinking, problem-solving, and math skills. They are among the best educational board games available.

Quality Family Time:

Board games provide an excellent opportunity for quality family time. Family board games nights create lasting memories and strengthen family bonds.

Screen-Free Entertainment:

Encourage your kids to step away from screens and engage in productive play with board games. These games offer screen-free entertainment.


With a wide range of games, there's always something new to discover and buy board games in the UAE.


Our games are carefully selected for different age groups, ensuring that you can easily find board games for kids that are suitable for your child's developmental stage.

FAQs - Your Questions, Answered:

1. What age is suitable for playing board games for kids?

Ans: Board games cater to various age groups, from toddlers to teenagers. Be sure to check the recommended age on the packaging when you buy board games to ensure a suitable match for your child.

2. Are board games educational for kids?

Ans: Absolutely! Many board games for kids are designed to enhance skills such as critical thinking, strategy, math, and vocabulary, making them highly educational.

3. Can I find board games with Arabic instructions for my child in the UAE?

Ans: Yes, we offer a selection of board games with Arabic instructions, ensuring that children in the UAE can enjoy and learn from these games more effectively.

4. Which board games are suitable for family game nights?

Ans: Family favorites like Ludo, Monopoly Junior, and Chess are perfect for enjoyable family game nights, offering hours of entertainment and learning for kids.

5. What are some popular Cartoon Character Based Games available for kids in the UAE?

Ans: We offer a range of Cartoon Character Based Games featuring beloved characters like Disney, Marvel superheroes, and more. These games are highly sought after by kids.

6. Are there any board games that can help improve my child's math skills?

Ans: Yes, we have a selection of math board games designed to make learning math concepts fun and engaging for kids, making them excellent choices for educational play.

7. Do you offer online versions of pinball games for kids?

Ans: While our primary focus is on physical board games, you can find online pinball games for kids on various gaming platforms to cater to their digital gaming interests.

8. Can I purchase board games for kids online in the UAE?

Ans: Absolutely! You can conveniently buy board games online in the UAE through our user-friendly portal, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience and access to a wide range of options.

In conclusion, board games for kids offer a world of entertainment and learning.


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