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What is FirstCry?
FirstCry is Asia's largest online store for baby and kids products. We cater to the needs of our buyers (mothers buying for their kids) from before the kid is born upto his/her early teens. 

What is the benefit of buying from FirstCry?
Our company philosophy is pretty simple: We want to offer the best possible deal for our customers for the products that we all want to buy for our children. Our endeavour is to ensure that you get the widest possible choice of top rated brands and products at the best possible price anywhere in UAE combined with best possible service and timely delivery of products at your doorstep.

What products does FirstCry sell?
We sell products of all the leading brands for babies and kids across sections right from diapers, baby food, infant accessories, gears (strollers, high chairs), nursery furniture, clothes & footwear to toys and school products. We also stock items from some of the leading importers and domestic manufacturers of the country. The items undergo a thorough check by our QA team before they are stocked. 

What's the minimum order value required to place an order?
To place an order, a minimum order value of AED 10 or more is required

How do I know my order has been confirmed?
After checking out during the payment process, you will get a confirmation that your payment has been processed successfully. You will also get a mail in your registered email id, along with an SMS to your registered mobile number confirming the order.

How do I check my order status?
We will ship your package within 24 hours of receiving the order. We will also mail you the name of the courier company and the tracking number of your consignment to your registered email address. You will receive an SMS about the same. In case you do not receive an email from us within 24 hours of placing an order please check your spam folder. Tracking may not appear online for up to another 24 hours in some cases, so please wait until your package is scanned by the courier company. Alternatively, you can check the same in My Account page, where Track Shipment option gives you the current status of your order being shipped.

Is it safe to use my Credit Card Online at
We accept VISA, MASTER, AMERICAN EXPRESS and CHINA UNION PAY Credit Cards issued in UAE and we accept Debit cards of all banks issued in UAE. International credit/debit card transactions are also accepted, so you can place orders with FirstCry from outside UAE and we will ship it to your dear ones in UAE. All your transactions online are protected & secured by SSL (secure socket layer) technology from It encrypts your credit card and relevant information during the entire transaction process. This encryption makes your shopping experience safe and secure. 

What if an item is out of stock?
We make every effort to keep all products in stock. However, there may be times when unexpected demands exceed our supply. We will notify you at the time of check out if the item selected is not in stock. In the rare circumstance where the order has been accepted and due to some reasons we are not able to ship, we will notify you within 24 hours and the money will be returned to you in the same mode by which the payment was made within 10 working days. Some items (which are restocked regularly) and is temporarily out of stock may appear on display with an out of stock tag. You can use the Notify Me option and we will inform you once the product is replenished and available for sale. 

Are there any other hidden charges like Octroi or Entry tax?
You will get the final price during check out. Our prices are all inclusive and you need not pay anything extra.

How are the products packaged?
Each of the individual products are securely packaged in bubble wrap and put into a box. The box is sealed well ensuring a safe delivery to your doorstep.

Do you deliver products outside UAE?
We do not ship products outside UAE but the site is accessible to all and we do take orders from around the world provided the shipping address is in UAE. 

Is it mandatory to register before placing an order?
Yes, it is mandatory to register with us using your email Id and mobile number. When you register with us, you can receive timely offers and also to maintain your Wishlist and account & address details.

How long will it take to receive my orders?
For all the areas serviced by reputed couriers, the delivery date can be selected by the customer from the available dates for the product(s) while placing the order. In case the customer is not available at the scheduled delivery date, the customer can reschedule the order from Order History before it is out of delivery.

Can I ship different items in my order to different shipping addresses?
We can only process one shipping address per order. So, if you would like to order several items and ship to different people, please treat these as separate orders.  

What is a VAT?
A value-added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale.
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Will my VAT amount be refunded on Order Cancellation and Returns?
Yes. The entire amount collected, including the VAT portion, will be returned to customer's source method at the time of Cancellation and Returns. 

What happens if I am not available at the time of delivery?
In case the customer is not available on the delivery date, the customer can reschedule the order delivery date from the Order History page.

What is your Return Policy?
We have a 30 days return policy for Clothes & Footwear and a 7 days return policy for all other items except for Personal Products such as Diapers, Wipes and Creams, all of which are non-returnable.
For more details, please Click Here

What options do I have while making payment?
We accept payments by debit or credit card.
Credit Cards & Debit Cards - We accept VISA, MASTER and AMERICAN EXPRESS, China Union Pay Credit Cards/Debit Cards.
You can also pay through Cash On Delivery (C-O-D) - You can also pay through Cash On Delivery (COD). In this case you pay in Cash to the courier person while accepting the goods. COD payments are accepted for orders with total invoice value less than or equal to AED

  • Shipping Charge FAQs
1. What is shipping charges? 
Shipping Charge means logistic charge incurred for delivering the product from our warehouse to your delivery address.

2. Who pays for the shipping charges?
We provide Free Shipping on all Orders above AED 50 (Excluding COD charges, Shipping charges, Gift wrap, Gift certificate). For Orders below AED 50 (with exclusions as above), shipping charges are applicable. For certain location, we may apply additional shipping costs irrespective of the order value.

3. What if I cancel my order, will I get back the amount I paid as a shipping charge?
If you cancel the order after your order status is changed to shipped then your shipping charge will be deducted.

4. What if I return my order, will I get back the amount I paid as a shipping charge?
Once your order is successfully delivered to you and you return it, your shipping charge will be deducted.

5. If I place an exchange request, do I need to pay shipping charge again for the new product?
For exchange, you do not need to pay anything.

6. How can I avoid shipping charge?
If your order value is more AED 50 then you will not be charged shipping charge.

7.Will Shipping charge depends on my delivery location?
No, Shipping charges will be same for all the delivery locations.

8.Will I have same shipping charges for International or Domestic products?
It may or may not be same and can be changed at any particular time. You will be able to see it against Cart checkout against every single product.

9.Will I be able to see my Total shipping charges at Cart?
Yes, total shipping charges and shipping charge for every single product will be avaiable at Cart.
You can check the shipping charges when you add the product in the cart. For more information please Click here

  • Saved Cards FAQs
1. What information is saved on opting for save card functionality?
Credit card number, card holder name and expiry date is saved in a secured vault on opting for save card functionality.Saved cards cannot be used by FirstCry unless the customer places an order, checks out and provides the CVV.

2. Can I delete my saved cards?
Yes, user can delete the saved card at any point of time from the checkout page by clicking on the bin-icon against the saved card .

3. What's the maximum number of cards that can be saved?
User can save a maximum of 10 cards.

4. How do I save my cards?
User has to select option for 'Express Pay' while making the final payment on FirstCry. On clicking, the card details provided by the user (i.e. Card number, card holder name and expiry date) are pushed and saved in to a secure PCI DSS compliant vault.

5. How do I make payment using saved cards?
User can view all his/her saved cards on checkout under the credit/debit cards tab. This information is protected behind login. User has to login to site in order to view the saved card details. Next step is to select one of the saved cards, provide CVV and click on make payment button to complete the transaction.

6. Can I use a new card which is not yet saved for making payment?
Yes, our system supports payments through both new and saved cards. In case you have a new card which is already not saved with us, then you can use the same as well for making payments.

7. Is it mandatory to save cards?
No, user can decide whether they want to save their card info or not.

8. I am unable to view my saved cards in checkout?
Please ensure the below while checking your saved card info on checkout
User should have a registered account on FirstCry.
User should be logged in to that registered account.
This feature is currently not available under Guest Checkout due to security reasons.

9. Can saved cards be used on mobile site and apps?
Yes, users saved cards are linked to the registered email id and are accessible on FirstCry mobile site and Apps as well. 

10. Is it safe to save my cards on checkout?
Your card information is saved in a Card Vault with JusPay, which offers multiple payment options including Credit Cards, Debit Cards (All MasterCard /Visa /Maestro/Amex cards).They provide secure protocol between FirstCry and the online payment gateway providers.

11. What happens to saved expired cards?
User will see clear messaging in checkout against the saved expired cards. User has to ideally delete these cards and add new cards for payment processing.

12. Whom should I contact if I had opted for save card but my card information was not saved?
Please visit our Contact Us page and drop your query details to our customer care team for further action.

  • Shop 'n' Earn Loyalty Cash FAQs
1. What is the Loyalty Cash Program?
The Loyalty Cash Program is a special Rewards point system on On purchasing some products from this site, you will earn Loyalty Cash, which can be redeemed against your future orders. All you have to do is create an account on and shop for your favourite products and start earning Loyalty Cash. 

2. How do I earn Loyalty Cash?
Go to and search for your favourite products. You will see the Loyalty Cash available against the product. On purchasing the product, the loyalty cash for the product will be automatically added to your account within 48 hours of being successfully delivered to you. 

3. How is my Loyalty Cash calculated?
Your earned Loyalty Cash varies based on the products bought by you on The Loyalty Cash against the product, if available for that product, is aimed at maximizing the value provided to you. If you have availed any offer which provides product(s) for free in your order, you will not earn Loyalty Cash for that product.

4. How do I redeem my Loyalty Cash?
You can redeem your Loyalty Cash against your entire amount, up to the amount of Loyalty Cash you have, once you have earned a minimum of AED 5 as Loyalty Cash through your purchases. You can redeem your Loyalty cash on Eg: If you have earned AED 10 as Loyalty Cash, you can use the entire AED 10 to order any product from You can redeem your loyalty cash even in orders in which you have availed of any other offer. The option to redeem your Loyalty Cash would be available to you when you are going to pay for your purchases as shown:

You can check out our Shipping Policy and Payment Policy for more details.

5. How do I track the Loyalty Cash I have earned?
You can track your earned Loyalty Cash by logging in and going to the My Account section on You can track the Loyalty Cash earned against each order that you have placed in the 'Cash in My Account' section.

6. What happens if I return / cancel my order? 
Earning Loyalty Cash - If you return/cancel your complete order, you will not be credited any Loyalty Cash against that order. In case any part of your order is replaced, you will receive the Loyalty Cash earned on the basis of the new product delivered to you and if you return any part of your order, the Loyalty Cash against that product(s) will not be added to your account. 
Redeeming your Loyalty Cash - If you return/cancel a product for which you have paid with Loyalty Cash, you will receive a gift certificate from us for the same amount as the value of Loyalty Cash redeemed. If the entire order is returned/cancelled, the loyalty cash will be added back to your account 

7. Will my Loyalty Cash expire if I don't use it?
Loyalty Cash earned by you will expire on 31st March of every year from your FirstCry Loyalty Cash Account, if no new order has been placed on or after 1st April of previous year. E.g. Loyalty cash earned by you during the year 2020-2021 will expire on 31st March 2021 from your account, if no new order has been placed on or after 1st April 2020 till March 31st 2021.

  • Try Before Your Buy FAQ
1. What is Try-N-Buy Service?
This service allows you to try-out your purchases at the time of delivery, pay only for what you like and return the rest on-the-spot. Try and Buy service is available on most of the fashion products and limited cities. You can choose your city on product page to check service availability.

2. How many items can I try at one time?
You can try up to Five items at a time. You cannot add more than five items at a time to a single order. There is no minimum amount threshold than standard.

3. How do I enable Try-N-Buy for the product I like ?
You will find Try-N-Buy logo on the product page for eligible products. To avail Try-N-Buy service, please ensure that you tick the 'Try-N-Buy' check box on Product page. You can also add/remove this service on Checkout page as well. Choose delivery address where you are comfortable trying product during checkout.

4. How do I make payments for Try-N-Buy product?
  • Place your order like you normally do, using prepaid payment options.
  • You can also avail COD option, if available within your area.

5. How will refund of Try-N-Buy orders be processed?
For Prepaid Orders : You will receive the refund instantly to you FirstCry wallet for the product/s returned to our delivery agent.
For COD Orders : You can try the Item/s being delivered to you. You will pay only for the Items you like and keep. Our delivery agent will help you with the final amount.

6. What if I can’t try the product instantly, will you make another attempt to deliver?
We request you to choose the delivery address where you are comfortable trying. However, in case you are not available to try product at the time of delivery, we will make 5 more attempt to deliver your order. To reschedule the delivery you need to visit My Order section and schedule your delivery. We will try our best to make our next attempt as per your reschedule request.
If you don’t want to or can’t try the products at the time of delivery, then you can keep the packet and avail return & exchange policy under which,you can return / exchange (Exchange is possible only, if your area is serviceable) the products.

7.Will return & exchange policy be available on Try and Buy orders?
Yes, you can avail return & exchange policy even, if you have accepted the Try-N-Buy order. Return & exchange policy rules will apply.

8. Will I get a chance to choose multiple delivery date and time for multiple Try-N-Buy items in my order?
We allow you to choose only one common date & Time for all the Items in your orders which are eligible for Try-N-Buy. You can select the common date & time on product page or Checkout page. On the day of delivery, we will send you an ‘out for delivery’ message in the morning and our delivery associate will call you 30-45 minutes before coming to deliver the shipment.

  • Product Exchange FAQs
1. How does Exchange works?
At FirstCry, you may request for product exchange for any valid reason within the specified timeline.
Please follow the steps below to place an Exchange request :
1.Login and visit your 'Order History' page and select the order from which you wish to exchange product(s). Upon selection, in the 'Order Details' page, click on the 'Exchange’ button next to the product.
2.Select Reason/ Sub- Reason for Exchange.
3.Select the new Size for Exchange.
4.In case of Damage/Defect, please add old product images.
5.A new Order ID for Exchange will be created.

2. How do I cancel my exchange request?
If you wish to keep the product(s) for which you have raised the request, you may use the "Cancel Exchange" button against the product on the Order Details page. You may not be able to cancel your request if your product is Out for delivery. But you have an option to not accept the product at doorstep.

3. Can I exchange my product(s) after the window has expired?
Once the window has expired, you may not be able to raise an Exchange request for the product(s). We would advise you to check the applicable window before placing an order.

4. Why was my request for exchange rejected?
Once you have raised an Exchange request with, we will validate your request. In case of incomplete information, your request may get rejected. In such cases, we would request you to initiate another request with the required information (valid reason for Exchange, required images and issue description) as applicable.

5. When will my Exchange order be placed?
When you place the Exchange order for Size issues then Exchange order will placed immediately.
In case of Damaged/Defect product, the request goes to the CC team for Approval. New order id will be generated once the request is approved.

6. Why am I no longer able to exchange the product(s)?
Once the product has been delivered, you may visit the Order History > Order Details Page and click on the Exchange button, as applicable, against the product(s) to submit the request, provided the window has not lapsed.
It may happen that, after delivery, the product is not eligible for the exchange even within the specified time period. This may be due to any eligible reasons, such as that the product is out of stock, or the reverse pickup for the product is unavailable, or your pincode is no more serviceable for delivery, or any other similar reason. In such a scenario, if you still wish to return the product, you may do so within the specified window.

7. How do I Exchange multiple product(s) from a single order?
If you wish to exchange multiple product(s) from a single order, you will have to raise separate requests for each of the product(s).
If you wish to exchange multiple quantity for a single product then you will have an option to select multiple quantities for a single product.
Please visit Order History > Order Details Page and Click the ‘Exchange’ button.
You may Exchange multiple product(s) at a time by selecting the valid reason for each product and complete the flow to submit your request. Please note that the validity mentioned on the Product Details Page to exchange shall prevail.

8. Will I be able to place exchange order if the original product's price changes?
While placing exchange, the product's value will be considered as per the original cost of the product on which original order was placed. Currently we neither charge anything extra from the customer if the product's price increases nor do any refund if product's price decreases.

  • Personalized Product’s FAQ
1. What are Personalized Products? 
You can personalize a few products according to your own choices and requirements. 

2. Where can I find Personalized products? 
‘Personalize’ tag is present on all products which can be personalized.   

3. What all Personalization can be done? 
Every product will have a different set of personalization. Some will allow you to add text on your product, some may allow you to choose a design for your product. Similarly you can personalize your products in many different ways.  

4. Can I return a Personalized product? 
No, we do not accept returns on personalized products.  

5. Can I edit my Personalization after I have placed my order?
Yes you can edit your order if your ‘Order status’ is ‘Not Shipped’. To edit your order please click here.

6. Can I check status of my Personalized order?
No, you cannot change the details added once your order is placed.

7. Can I buy a personalize product without adding any detail to it?
Partially yes, there are few personalize product which we can buy without personalize detail. There would be add to cart button on the product detail page, just click on Add to cart button. The product will be added to cart without any personalize detail.
Note: not all personalize products has this option, only certain personalize products have this option.

  • Assembly Service FAQs
1. What is FirstCry Assembly Service?
Some products might require assistance of an expert during assembly of the product. FirstCry Assembly Service is a convenient way of availing such assistance from through a simple procedure of order and scheduling technical assistance / service. FirstCry, hand-picks expert technicians post suitable background verification, product training and rigorous quality checks to assist our customers with high quality service during assembly of their products.

2. How can I buy FirstCry Assembly Service?
Currently, FirstCry Assembly service is available only for selected products. To check if the service is available for your product and location, enter your delivery address on the product details page. If it's available, you can add it before proceeding with your order. The cost of the Assembly service is as shown on the respective product/ combo page. Additionally, you can also purchase the Assembly service separately after buying the product.

3. How do I schedule an appointment for FirstCry Assembly Service Technician?
Within 48 hours of the delivery of your product (with which you have purchased FirstCry Assembly Service), our technician will call you on your shipping mobile number to schedule an appointment for Assembly Service basis available slots. Technician will visit your shipping address for the assembly of your product at the scheduled time. Note - Appointment can be scheduled only between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM (excluding Regional / National Holidays).

4. My location is not serviceable by FirstCry Assembly Service. What should I do?
Unfortunately, if your location is not serviceable by FirstCry Assembly Services, then we will not be able to arrange Assembly Service at your location through our expert technician, however, you may assemble the product by referring the User Manual attached within the product box or can take help of local technician.

5. What if I forgot to purchase FirstCry Assembly Service while placing the order?
If you have not purchased the FirstCry Assembly Service while placing your order, you may opt for the service later by using any of the following 2 options
  • Under My Account’s Order details page, you should be able to see the “Buy” button against the order/item for which Assembly service is available but was not purchased. You place a request by paying the charges (if any) or by selecting cash on delivery option.
  • Call our customer care team and place request for assembly service for item you ordered.

6. Can I reschedule the FirstCry Assembly Service?
In some cases, yes, basis technicians' availability. When technician calls to schedule an appointment, you will get a SMS too from FirstCry regarding the schedule along with technician's mobile number. You may call the technician between 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM, excluding Regional / National Holidays and can place a request to reschedule the service, the same can be accommodated by the technician basis his availability.

7. What will happen if I do not answer or miss on answering technicians call?
Technician will try to reach you 3 times in 3 consecutive working days. If you missed on answering all 3 calls, the service request would be cancelled. If you still need Assembly Service thereafter, you may place your request by calling our customer care team.

8. What will happen if I have entered wrong / old contact number in my order?
Technician will try to reach on the shipping number provided by you on the order. We will try to connect 3 times in 3 consecutive working days. If we won't be able to connect with you (basis wrong / old contact number), the service request would be cancelled. To avoid the same, you may inform us about your correct contact details in advance or you may request to raise a new Assembly Service request.

9. What is the procedure for cancellation of FirstCry Assembly Service? And refund thereafter.
You can just login with the registered account & cancel the Assembly Service through 'Cancel' link provided against specific Assembly Service on Order Details page. Applicable refund against the cancelled Assembly Service will be credited to your Cash Refund in My Account section. Cancellation against Assembly Service will not be applicable if the status of the Assembly Service is already Cancelled or Closed.
Note - If you already have initiated cancellation request for the product against which Assembly Service was purchased, Assembly Service too will be cancelled, and cumulative amount of Product and Assembly Service will be credited to your Cash Refund in My Account section.

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