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Dishes, Utensils, Cutlery sets & Feeding Sets for Baby and Kids

(1340 Items)
Buy Dishes & Utensils online from a collection of 1340 Products at with prices starting at AED 4.

Dishes and Utensils for Kids & Baby

Navigating the world of kids' dishes and utensils can be a delightful journey. Whether you're a first-time parent or shopping for your toddler, our extensive collection has got you covered.

Cutlery: Perfect for Tiny Hands Learning to Self-Feed

From the early days of trying solids to mastering the art of self-feeding, the right cutlery is crucial. Our collection boasts a plethora of options:

- Spoon/Fork/Chopstick:

These tools are not just about feeding. They help in developing motor skills. Our kids fork and spoon set are ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in those little hands. The kids spoon set is ideal for those just starting.

- Training Spoons:

Specially curated for infants, these spoons are often softer, made with materials like silicone to ensure no harm to their tender gums.

- Serving Spoons & Forks:

Perfectly sized for serving the right portion for kids.

- Knife:

Our range ensures safety, enabling kids to learn the art of cutting without risks.

Plates & Bowls: Making Every Meal Special

Every meal becomes an adventure with the right plate or bowl: - Bowls:

Ideal for cereals, soups, or any mashed food. Our suction bowls are a hit among parents as they stay put, minimizing spills.

- Shaped & Section Plates:

Transform mealtime into fun time. From animal shapes to favorite characters, these plates make eating exciting. Suction plates are great for those enthusiastic eaters who might push their plates.

Container & Dispenser: Beyond Just Storing

With babies and toddlers, it’s not just about storing, it’s about convenience: - Snack Container:

Perfect for on-the-go snacks. From fruits to tiny biscuits, these containers are spill-proof.

- Milk Powder Containers & Dispensers:

Ensure that the milk powder stays fresh and is dispensed in the right amount every time.

- Freezer Pots:

Great for parents who prefer making baby food in batches. Store them in these pots, and you're good to go.

- Tupperware Water Dispenser:

A name synonymous with quality. Perfect for storing water or juices.

Kitchen Tools: Helping Hands in Cooking

When it comes to making baby food, the right tools can make a world of difference: - Baby Blenders Food Processors:

These are compact, powerful, and perfect for making those smooth purees or chunky meals.

- Baby Cooker with Steamer:

A versatile appliance that helps in steaming veggies or meat to retain maximum nutrition.

- Baby Food Chopper:

Say goodbye to manual chopping. This tool ensures uniform size, which is crucial for baby food.

- Baby Food Cooking Set:

An all-in-one solution, this set ensures you have everything you need to prepare a nutritious meal.

Feeding Set: All-In-One Solution

For parents who prefer a coordinated look or are always on the move: - Multi-Piece Feeding Sets:

These often come with plates, bowls, spoons, and forks. They are coordinated and often come in a carry pouch.

Material: Safe and Durable

With babies, safety is paramount: - Plastic & Polypropylene Utensils :

Durable, light, and made without harmful chemicals.

- Silicone Utensils:

Soft, flexible, and almost unbreakable.

- Steel Utensils:

Sturdy and long-lasting. A favorite for cutlery set for kids.

- Bamboo & Wood Utensils:

Eco-friendly and adds a touch of nature.

- Glass Utensils:

For those who prefer classic and versatile material.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs):

Q1: Which is the best baby food maker available?

Answer: Our range includes several top-quality options. The best baby food maker often comes down to individual preferences, but the baby food maker and steamer is a popular choice.

Q2: Do you have a baby food cooking set?

Answer: Absolutely! Our baby food cooking set includes everything from baby food steam cookers to baby food maker sets.

Q3: Can I buy cutlery online from your store?

Answer: Yes, you can buy cutlery online. From toddler cutlery to kids cutlery sets, we have it all.

Q4: Are there baby food processors in stock?

Answer: Indeed, our collection features the best baby food processor, baby food blenders, and baby food choppers.

Q5: Do you have kids tableware sets?

Answer: Absolutely! Explore our vibrant kids tableware sets that make meals engaging.

Discover a universe of dishes and utensils for your little ones, ensuring they get the best start in life. Whether you're in the market for a baby food maker or just looking to buy cutlery online, our portal is your ultimate destination.


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