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Baby and Kids Kandora Dresses & dishdasha

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Cherish Heritage: Authentic Arabian Clothing for Little Ones

Embark on a delightful journey with us, as we open the doors to our Arabian clothing collection for children. Every item, from our 'Baby and Kids Kandora collection to the 'jalabiya for girl' selection, embodies timeless elegance and unparalleled comfort. Our hand-picked range includes traditional Kids Kandoras, cozy Onesies Thobes, graceful Jalabiyas, versatile headwear, charming accessories, and comfortable undergarments, designed with love for your precious ones.

Types of Arabian Clothing

1. Kandora/Dishdasha/Thobe:

Explore our collection featuring 'baby and kids Kandoras and discover beautifully designed, high-quality pieces reflecting Arabian traditions. Our 'Kids Kandora for boy' collection offers an extensive selection, each piece ensuring your young prince stands out.

2. Onesies Thobe:

Ideal for a relaxing day or a playful outing, our Onesies Thobes promise the utmost comfort. Their soft fabric and delightful colors and patterns make them a favourite in the 'baby kandora Dubai' collection.

3. Jalabiya:

Our 'Jalabiya for Kids' collection brings together elegance and comfort. With a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes to choose from, find the perfect ensemble for your little princess.

4. Headwear:

Our diverse headwear collection, from traditional Ghutras to trendy Caps, can be effortlessly paired with any 'baby and kids kandoras.

5. Accessories:

Add a charming final touch to your kid's outfit with our trendy accessories. We offer everything from matching shoes to belts, apt to complete their Arabian look.

6. Undergarments:

Using skin-friendly, breathable materials, we promise your child the ultimate comfort with our undergarments, be it under a 'kandora for baby' or a 'baby kandora Dubai'.

6. Sudairi:

Discover Sudairi for Boys, where style meets adventure in every piece. Crafted with care and premium materials, our collection ensures your little gentlemen exude elegance effortlessly. For your little princesses, Sudairi for Girls brings playful charm to every outfit. Elevate their wardrobe with Sudairi – fashion tailored for boys and girls.

Material of Arabian Clothing:

1. Cotton:

Our 'baby and kids kandora for boys collections extensively use cotton for its comfort and durability. Hypoallergenic and highly breathable, it's an ideal choice for everyday wear, especially in the UAE's climate.

2. Linen:

During hot and sunny days, linen becomes the go-to material. Breathable, light, and moisture-absorbent, a linen 'kandora for baby boy' offers a classy and comfortable choice for outdoor gatherings.

3. Silk:

Add a dash of luxury with our silk pieces. Incredibly soft, comfortable, and skin-friendly, our 'jalabiya for baby girl' range often uses this material for its elegant drape and gloss.

4. Wool:

For cooler days, our woolen accessories offer warmth and comfort. Known for its insulation and softness, we use wool to craft scarves, mittens, and other cozy items.

5. Polyester:

Predominantly used in our accessories, polyester is known for its durability, resistance to most chemicals, wrinkles, and shrinkage, making it perfect for crafting hats, belts, and more.

6. Bamboo:

As an eco-friendly alternative, bamboo fabric is soft as silk, breathable, and wicks away moisture better than cotton. Perfect for sensitive baby skin, our 'baby kandora Dubai' collection features exclusive pieces made from this sustainable material.


1. What's the recommended way to wash 'baby kandora for kids'?

Ans: Our 'baby kandora Dubai' pieces are best hand washed in cold water using a mild detergent, followed by air drying.

2. What sizes are available in your 'kandora for baby' range?

Ans: Our 'kandora for Baby' collection caters to a wide age range, from newborns to older children.

3. Is there a variety in the 'jalabiya for baby girl' collection?

Ans: Our 'jalabiya for baby girl' collection features a diverse range of designs, colors, and sizes.

4. Can the headwear be paired with any outfit?

Ans: Yes, our headwear collection is versatile and complements all outfits.

5. What materials do you use for undergarments?

Ans: Our undergarments are made from skin-friendly, breathable materials like cotton and bamboo fabric.

Join us on this shopping adventure and discover the perfect Arabian clothing for your little ones. Celebrate heritage with a blend of comfort and style. Enjoy shopping!


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