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Baby Strollers, Trolley & Pushchair for Newborn and Babies

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Buy Baby Strollers & Prams online from a collection of 853 Products at with prices starting at AED 12.

Baby Strollers & Prams for Your Little One - UAE's Prime Choice

Choosing the right stroller or pram for your baby or toddler is akin to picking the perfect vehicle. With the UAE's bustling streets and the MENA region's diverse landscape, it's essential to choose a stroller or pram that's both comfortable for your child and convenient for you. Whether you're out shopping in Dubai's malls or taking a stroll, the suitable baby trolley can make all the difference.

Types of Strollers & Prams

1. Standard Stroller:

The most common choice among parents, these are versatile baby strollers with various features. Ideal for everyday activities, they combine comfort and functionality. This is a good start if you're looking for the best baby strollers that can serve multiple purposes.

2. Lightweight Stroller:

Perfect for families on the go, they are often called umbrella strollers due to their easy folding mechanism. If you're hopping in and out of taxis or have limited storage space, a foldable stroller like this is your best bet.

3. Pram:

A classic choice, the baby pram stroller offers a cosy sleeping environment, especially useful for newborns. With a flat surface, it's ideal for babies who can't yet sit up.

4. Travel System:

A two-in-one package! These strollers can be paired with infant car seats. If you often drive around, the travel system allows you to move your baby from the car to the stroller without waking them up.

5. Twin Stroller & Prams:

Have twins or two little ones? These strollers and prams are designed to accommodate both, ensuring no child feels left out during those family outings.

6. Jogging Stroller:

Fitness enthusiasts rejoice! Jogging strollers are built for speed and have unique wheels for faster movements. Don't let your fitness routine disrupt your baby's comfort.

7. Stroller Frames & Accessories:

It's all about customization. Frames allow you to attach a car seat directly, while accessories like the stroller organizer bag, sun canopy, toys, and more can enhance your baby trolley experience.

SubTypes & Accessories for Baby Strollers & Prams

Walking with your little one can be a joyous experience, and the UAE offers some beautiful sights. With suitable baby buggy or pushchair accessories, you can ensure maximum comfort and convenience for your baby and yourself. Here are the many sub-types and accessories you can consider:

1. Sun Canopy:

Whether you have a baby stroller or a kids buggy, it's essential to shield your child from the intense UAE sun. A sun canopy is functional and adds a stylish touch to your stroller baby set.

2. Toys:

Interactive toys can be attached to baby pushchairs and prams to entertain your little one during walks. It's a simple way to ensure they remain engaged and joyful throughout the journey.

3. Stroller Organiser Bag:

Whether using a newborn stroller, a toddler stroller, or even a buggy for your older child, having an organizer bag can keep all essentials - from diapers to snacks - within easy reach.

4. Frame:

The frame of your baby trolley or pram stroller is the backbone of the entire setup. Ensure it's robust and durable to withstand the test of time, especially if you're planning to buy strollers online.

5. Footmuff:

A must-have for cooler months. Whether using a stroller for kids or a baby prams, a footmuff ensures your child remains warm and cozy.

6. Wheels:

The terrain in the UAE can vary, so your baby buggy wheels should be adaptable. Swivel wheels offer better manoeuvrability, especially in crowded places like malls.

7. Stroller Hook:

An unsung hero of the stroller set accessories. Attach shopping bags, purses, or baby essentials without overloading the pushchair.

8. Seat Cushion:

A comfortable baby is a happy baby. Seat cushions add a layer of comfort, making the journey smoother, whether in a baby trolley or a foldable stroller.

9. Sun & Rain Cover:

The UAE weather can be unpredictable. Be it the blazing sun or a sudden downpour; a sun and rain cover ensures your baby remains protected in their stroller or buggy.

Folding Mechanisms for Easy Mobility

The bustling life in the UAE requires mobility, and with the proper folding mechanism, transporting your baby stroller online purchase becomes a breeze:

1. Compact Fold:

Ideal for those with limited space. Whether you have a foldable stroller or a pram for kids, this mechanism ensures it takes up minimal space when stored.

2. Single-Hand Fold:

For the parent who's constantly multitasking. This mechanism is your best friend if you need to hold your baby and fold the stroller simultaneously. It's a popular choice among the best baby strollers.

3. Umbrella Fold:

This mechanism is commonly found in lightweight strollers and pushchairs. As the name suggests, it folds up slim and sleek, similar to an umbrella. It's perfect for parents on the go and those who buy strollers online for quick city trips.


1. What's the difference between a stroller and a pram?

Ans: A stroller is more upright and suitable for older babies and toddlers. A pram, or baby pram, offers a flat surface, ideal for newborns who can't yet sit up.

2. Can I buy a stroller online in UAE?

Ans: Absolutely! You can buy strollers online, including the best baby strollers, from numerous e-commerce portals in the UAE.

3. Are the stroller frames durable?

Ans: Yes, frames are designed with durability and baby's safety in mind.

4. What is a travel system?

Ans: A travel system combines a stroller with an infant car seat, allowing seamless transition from car to stroller.

5. How do I choose between compact and umbrella folds?

Ans: If you have limited space, a compact fold is ideal. If you're looking for quick storage and portability, the umbrella fold might be your pick.

6. Can I get accessories for my stroller?

Ans: Certainly! Many accessories like sun canopies, organizer bags, toys, and more are available for your baby trolley.

7. Are there strollers available for twins?

Ans: Yes, twin strollers & prams are explicitly designed for two children.

8. How do I ensure the stroller is comfortable for my baby?

Ans: Look for features like padded seat cushions and adjustable recline positions, and consider accessories like footmuffs for added comfort.

Whether you're looking for a standard stroller, a newborn stroller, or a cheap baby pushchair, the UAE market offers many options. Make sure to choose what's best for your child's comfort and your convenience. And always remember, a happy baby makes for a sunny stroll!


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