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Baby Walkers and Push walkers

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Buy Baby Walkers online from a collection of 228 Products at with prices starting at AED 44.

Explore Baby Walkers for Baby & Kids at in Dubai, UAE.

Welcome to, your ultimate destination for babies and kids in Dubai, UAE. As a leading e-commerce portal catering to the needs of parents and little ones, we are delighted to present our extensive collection of baby walkers designed to accompany your child's journey. Discover a variety of kids & baby walkers with handle options, baby walker toys, activity walkers for babies, and more, all conveniently available for purchase online. Whether you're looking for a regular baby walker, a musical delight, or a 2-1 walker and rocker, we have the perfect solution to support your baby's developmental milestones. With features like height adjustment, removable play trays, safety brakes, and interactive elements, our range ensures safety, entertainment, and convenience for parents and little ones. Browse our wide range of baby walkers online today and confidently purchase, knowing you're providing the best for your baby's early years.

Types of Baby Walkers:

1. Regular Baby Walker:

Simple, these walkers provide steady support for your baby's first steps. With a focus on stability and safety, they help build confidence as your little one learns to walk independently.

2. Baby Activity & Push Walker:

These baby push walkers are not just for walking; they're a hub of entertainment and exploration. Equipped with interactive toys, buttons, and gears, they encourage cognitive development and physical activity while your baby navigates their surroundings.

3. Musical Baby Walkers:

Adding a symphony of fun to walking time, musical walkers feature catchy tunes and sound effects. They engage your baby's auditory senses, making each step a delightful musical journey.

4. Baby Walker cum Rocker:

Versatile and multifunctional, these walkers can transform into rockers with a simple adjustment. Perfect for playtime or soothing moments, they offer flexibility to suit your baby's daily needs.

Key Features to Consider:

1. Height Adjustment:

Ensure the walker grows with your baby, accommodating their changing needs and development. Look for models with adjustable height settings to provide optimal support as your little one grows taller.

2. Removable Play Tray:

Easy to clean and versatile for different playtime activities. A removable tray allows you to customize the walker with your baby's favourite toys and snacks while making cleanup a breeze.

3. Safety Brakes:

It is essential for providing added security and preventing accidents. Opt for walkers equipped with safety brakes to keep them stationary when needed, especially on uneven surfaces or near stairs.

4. Stoppers:

Keep the walker from rolling on uneven surfaces or stairs, enhancing safety. Look for walkers with sturdy stoppers or non-slip grips on the wheels to ensure stability and prevent tipping over.

5. Parent Handle:

Convenient for guiding and assisting your baby during their early walking stages. Choose walkers with a sturdy parent handle that allows you to support and steer your baby comfortably as they explore their surroundings.

6. Storage:

Some walkers come with storage compartments to keep toys and essentials organized. Consider models with built-in storage to conveniently store snacks, diapers, or extra toys while on the go.

7. Interactive Features:

Engage your baby's senses with walkers that offer interactive features such as lights, sounds, and textures. These features stimulate cognitive development and entertain your little one during walking sessions.

8. Foldability:

For easy storage and transportation, opt for walkers that can be folded compactly when not in use. Foldable walkers save space at home or when travelling with your baby.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1: Can baby walkers help my child learn to walk faster?

Ans: While baby walkers can support your child's walking development, it's important to remember that each child develops at their own pace. Walkers can provide assistance and encouragement but should not be relied upon solely for walking progress.

Q2: Can I use a baby walker on carpeted floors?

Ans: Many baby walkers are designed to move smoothly on carpeted surfaces. However, ensure that the walker's wheels are appropriate for the carpet pile to avoid any difficulties in movement.

Q3: How do I clean a baby walker?

Ans: Most baby walkers have removable and washable seat pads or trays for easy cleaning. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper cleaning and maintenance.

Q4: Can baby walkers be folded for storage or travel?

Ans: Some baby walkers are designed to be foldable for compact storage or travel convenience. Check the product description for information on foldability.

Q5: Are there weight restrictions for baby walkers?

Ans: Yes, each baby walker has its weight limit specified by the manufacturer. Ensure your child's weight falls within the recommended range for safe usage.

Q6: Do baby walkers require assembly?

Ans: Most baby walkers may require some assembly upon arrival. Instructions and necessary tools are typically included for easy setup.

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