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Bath Toys for Babies and Toddlers

(369 Items)
Buy Bath Toys online from a collection of 369 Products at with prices starting at AED 7.
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Earn Loyalty Cash: AED 0.21 Earn AED 100 Loyalty Cash and redeem in your future purchases.

Splash into Fun with Our Vibrant Range of Bath Toys For Baby & Kids!

Embark on a captivating journey through the fascinating world of kids bath toys, where your little explorers can dive into adventures without leaving the bathroom. Exclusively selected for the heartwarming giggles and marvel-filled eyes of children across the UAE, our exclusive range combines boundless fun with meaningful learning experiences in every splash.

Types of Bath Toys: An Ocean of Fun & Learning

Learning & Activity Bath Toys:

Imagine a world where education and splashes collide. Our varied collection of learning & activity bath toys allow your young ones to uncover novelties amidst every bubble. Be it mastering the alphabet and numbers or steering through imaginative road trips with playful vehicles, each toy aims to ignite their curiosity and nurture basic skills through playful engagements.

Squeeze Toys:

Soft, secure, and incredibly fun! Squeeze toys for babies promise to transform every bath into a session brimming with laughter and joyful surprises. A gentle squeeze sets off delightful squirts of water, not only entertaining but also refining their hand-eye coordination.

Bath Books:

Combine tales with splashes with our vivacious selection of bath books. Ensuring durability and water resistance, these books immerse your children in enthralling stories amidst bubbles, fostering a reading habit and sparking their imaginations.

Sub-Types of Bath Toys: Endless Possibilities for Play

Bath Toys Sets:

Unveil myriad play ways with bath toys sets, like our all-encompassing baby bath toy set, ensuring your child discovers something new each bath time. Tailored for various age groups, these sets also emerge as ideal gifts, perhaps for a baby shower in Dubai.

Musical Bath Toys:

Submerge into rhythmic escapades with musical bath toys, such as the melodious Yookidoo baby bath toy and other tuneful wonders, enabling your baby to orchestrate their own splashy symphony while developing a musical ear.

Alphabets & Numbers Bath Toys:

Who said learning can't be fun? Floating Alphabets & Numbers playfully introduce your youngsters to the world of literacy and numeracy. Through engaging play, they unwittingly commence their learning journey, converting bath times into an instructive adventure.

Vehicles Bath Toys:

Propel imaginative play with vehicle-themed bath toys. Children can set sail on aquatic escapades, navigating through imaginative waves and crafting stories within their bubbly universes.

Fruits & Vegetables Bath Toys:

Initiate their journey towards wellness with captivating fruits & vegetables-themed toys, which not only emerge as colorful playmates but also discreetly acquaint them with healthy eating concepts.

Dive into a Spectrum of Bath Toys Materials

1. Plastic Bath Toys:

Explore the perennial favorite, Plastic bath toys, celebrated for their durability, lightness, and easy maintenance, ensuring continuous joy without concerns of damage. From vibrant duck bath toys to intriguing water bath toys, plastic assures a colorful and safe aquatic playtime.

2. PVC Bath Toys:

Famed for their flexible and soft nature, PVC toys are gentle yet durable, ideal for little hands exploring different textures and shapes while ensuring a secure exploration during water adventures.

3. Foam Bath Toys:

Gently afloat on water, Foam toys offer a soft and secure play medium during bath time, doubling as playful and educative elements, making learning figures and letters utterly charming.

4. Metal Bath Toys:

With a robust and durable nature, Metal bath toys bring a unique and enduring element to play. Finished with safe, rounded edges and often featuring fascinating designs, they offer a distinct, long-lasting play experience.

5. Wooden Bath Toys:

Embark on eco-friendly adventures with Wooden bath toys. Not only do they provide a sustainable option, but they also bring a charming aesthetic to bath time, merging natural textures with playful designs.

6. Plush Bath Toys:

Who said plushies can't dive into baths? Plush bath toys are crafted to be water-friendly, providing a soft, cuddly companion for your little ones, ensuring comfort and a friendly face during every splash.

7. Silicon Bath Toys:

Especially friendly for teething babies, Silicon bath toys are soft, chewable, and utterly safe. Their malleable nature invites tiny fingers to explore and interact, while also being incredibly easy to clean.

8. Rubber Bath Toys:

Introduce a classic with Rubber bath toys, offering softness, flexibility, and a myriad of delightful designs, from adorable animals to friendly squeeze toys for babies, ensuring gentle play and enchanting squeezable fun.

9. Magnetic Bath Toys:

Ignite curiosity with Magnetic bath toys, where little ones can explore the wonders of attraction and repulsion in the watery playground, providing not only fun but also a subtle introduction to basic scientific concepts under careful supervision.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I choose the safest bath toy material for my baby?

Ans: Always opt for bath toys, like nuby bath toys, which are made from baby-safe materials such as BPA-free plastic, phthalate-free rubber, or eco-friendly wooden options, ensuring they are gentle for baby’s skin and environmentally responsible.

2. Can bath toys be used to enhance my child’s learning during bath time?

Ans: Absolutely! Choose from our wide range of learning and activity bath toys online, like alphabets & numbers, that turn each bath session into a fun, educational journey, aiding in cognitive development while ensuring a bubbly good time.

3. How do I clean and maintain bath toys to ensure they are hygienic for my child?

Ans: Regular cleaning is vital. Most toys can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Ensure they are dried properly to avoid mold. Some toys can also be placed in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

4. Are bath toys suitable for babies of all ages?

Ans: Each toy comes with an age-appropriate guideline. While some toys are perfect for tiny tots, others are more suited for older kids. Always check the recommended age to ensure a safe and enjoyable bath time.

5. Can I gift a bath toy set for a baby shower in Dubai?

Ans: A baby bath set or a baby bath toy set makes for an excellent and thoughtful gift for baby showers. Our collections ensure you have a myriad of options to choose from, making your gift both fun and functionally delightful.

Navigating through our vast ocean of best bath toys for toddlers and babies, each product is a droplet in the sea of memorable, fun, and educational bath times. Discover a range of kids bath sets, explore our bath toys online, and let every splash be a wave of fun-filled learning and development for your little one!


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