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Kids Poncho Towels, Bathrobes, Towels, Wraps & More.

(237 Items)
Buy Bath Wear online from a collection of 237 Products at with prices starting at AED 10.
Earn Loyalty Cash: AED 0.93 Earn AED 100 Loyalty Cash and redeem in your future purchases.
Earn Loyalty Cash: AED 0.93 Earn AED 100 Loyalty Cash and redeem in your future purchases.
Earn Loyalty Cash: AED 0.93 Earn AED 100 Loyalty Cash and redeem in your future purchases.

Bath Wear for Kids and Babies: Elevate Bath Time in the UAE

Transforming bath time into a joyful occasion for kids and babies is an art. Our extensive collection of bath wear makes this delightful ritual more enticing.

Type of Bath Wear:

1. Towel & Wrappers:

Embrace your little ones in the luxury of our finest towels and wrappers. Our baby bathrobe selection is meticulously crafted to ensure your child is swaddled in comfort. The kid towel offerings are perfect for keeping the chill away, making the transition from bath to bed seamless.

2. Bath Robe:

Our kids towel robe assortment comes in full and half sleeves options. Each bathrobe for baby is woven with plush fabrics ensuring absorbency and comfort. Donned in these robes, your child can transition from a bath to bedtime with ease.

3. Bath Poncho:

The versatility of the kids poncho towel is unparalleled. It's a bath towel dress that's both practical and playful. Whether you're seeking a poncho towel for kids or a bath poncho baby version, we have you covered.

4. Hand and Face Towel:

Our gentle hand and face towels are soft on your child's skin, ensuring a comfortable wipe after every meal or wash.

5. Towel Set:

Our comprehensive towel sets encapsulate everything from towel ponchos for kids to hand towels, ensuring all your needs are elegantly met.

6. Dry Robe:

The baby beach poncho and dry robe selections are tailored for outdoor settings, making them perfect companions for beach days and swimming sessions.

Features of Bath Wear:

Discover the distinctive characteristics that set our collection of bath wear apart, making every piece a blend of comfort, utility, and style for your little ones.

1. Towel with Hood:

Our range of towels comes with an added feature that is a game-changer – the hood. The toddler poncho towel, for instance, is designed to wrap your child in warmth while the hood works to dry their hair efficiently. The design is especially beneficial for children who love to dash around post-bath. The hood ensures that they stay cozy while they play, and the poncho towel design ensures easy maneuverability.

Key Offerings: - Poncho Towel Kids:

Adorned with cute designs, these are perfect for kids who need to be on the go immediately after a bath.

- Kids Poncho Towel:

A selection that appeals to older kids who appreciate the convenience and warmth of a hood.

2. Bath Robe with Hood:

A hooded bathrobe for baby is a perfect way to keep the chill at bay after bath time. These robes envelop your child in a soft embrace, with the hood providing additional warmth. These bathrobes combine style with practicality, making them an essential part of the bath time routine.

Key Offerings: - Baby Bathrobe:

Crafted from absorbent materials, these robes keep your baby snug from head to toe.

- Kids Towel Robe:

Perfect for older kids, ensuring they stay dry and warm after a bath or swim.

3. Poncho with Hood:

Whether it's a kids beach poncho or a towelling poncho baby variant, having a hood can make a world of difference. These ponchos are designed to keep the sun at bay while also ensuring your child remains wrapped in comfort.

Key Offerings: - Poncho Towel Toddler:

Perfect for toddlers who love to run around on the beach.

- Kids Poncho:

Available in various designs, these ponchos are perfect for older children.

4. Full Sleeves Bathrobe:

Full sleeves bathrobes are designed to provide maximum coverage and warmth. These robes are perfect for cooler days, ensuring your child stays snug from the bath to the bed.

Key Offerings: - Kids Towel Robe:

These full-sleeved robes are cozy and add a layer of comfort after a refreshing bath.

- Bathrobe for Baby:

Gentle on the baby's skin while providing complete warmth.

5. Towel Set:

Our coordinated towel sets are thoughtfully curated to provide a harmonious look while serving all your drying needs. From towel ponchos for kids to hand towels, these sets are a convenient and stylish addition to your bath time routine.

Key Offerings: - Kids Towel Ponchos:

Comes in sets with matching hand and face towels.

- Kid Towel:

Available in vibrant colors and patterns to appeal to children.

6. Half Sleeves Bathrobe:

Half sleeves bathrobes are perfect for kids who prefer a bit more freedom in their movements. They offer a quick and efficient dry without any restriction, making them ideal for warmer days.

Key Offerings: - Towel Robe for Kids:

Lightweight and easy to wear, these robes are a favorite among kids.

- Girls Poncho Towel:

Designed with playful patterns, ensuring your little girl looks forward to bath time.

By paying attention to these features, we ensure that our bath wear is not just about drying off after a bath; it’s about enveloping your child in comfort and style, making every bath time a joyful experience. From kids ponchos to kids towel ponchos, our diverse range meets every need with perfection.


Q1. What sizes are available for the kids poncho towels?

Answer. Our kids poncho towels and poncho towel toddler variants are available in diverse sizes, perfect for toddlers to pre-teens.

Q2. Are the baby bath ponchos suitable for beach use?

Answer. Absolutely! Our baby bath poncho and toddler beach poncho are designed to be perfect for both beach outings and bath times.

Q3. What material are the kids towel robes made of?

Answer. Our kids towel robe and towel robe for kids collections are made from plush, absorbent, and skin-friendly fabrics.

Q4. Is the poncho towel for toddlers easy to put on?

Answer. Indeed, our poncho towel toddler and towel poncho for kids are designed for effortless wearing.

Q5. Can I find poncho towels for girls specifically?

Answer. Yes! Our girls poncho towel collection is filled with delightful designs.

Q6. Are the bath ponchos only for babies?

Answer. No, we have kids bath ponchos suitable for various age groups.

Q7. Do you offer sets of towels?

Answer. Certainly! Our kids towel ponchos sets are curated to meet all your needs.

Q8. How do I care for the bath wear?

Answer. Most of our kids towel ponchos and bath wear are machine washable and easy to maintain.

From poncho towel kids options to kids ponchos, our extensive range ensures that every bath time is a delightful experience, combining comfort, style, and practicality.


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