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Baby Bath Tubs, Chairs & Bath Mats

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Buy Bathing Accessories online from a collection of 531 Products at with prices starting at AED 4.

Bathing Accessories For Kids or Baby

Bathing your little ones can be a precious moment, but ensuring their safety and comfort is paramount. For our esteemed UAE customers, we've curated an exclusive range of bathing accessories tailored to make bath time both enjoyable and secure.

1. Baby Bath Tub:

The heart of every baby bathing set is the baby bath tub. Whether you're searching for a newborn bathtub or an infant bath tub, our collection caters to every stage of your baby's growth. Bathtubs for babies are designed to offer maximum comfort, and the safety features ensure your child is secure during their bath. When searching for bathroom tubs for your child, always look for features such as drain plugs, non-slip bases, and BPA-free materials.

2. Shower Caps:

An essential part of the bathing set, shower caps are not only functional but can also be fun. With designs ranging from animal prints to cartoons, these caps ensure water stays away from your baby's eyes and ears, making the bathing experience tear-free.

3. Baby Bathers:

For those early months, baby bathers provide the needed support for newborns, ensuring they are cradled safely during bath time. Whether it's a baby bath tub chair or a more traditional bather, these products are invaluable for parents wanting to ensure the safety of their newborns during bath time.

4. Other Bathroom Accessories:

From baby water tubs to bath tops and baby baths with stands, our diverse range of accessories ensures that you have everything you need for a seamless bathing routine. The bath tube, in particular, is versatile and suitable for children of varying ages.

5. Bath Support:

Bath supports, including baby bath cushions and baby bath pads, provide an additional layer of safety and comfort. Especially for newborns, bath support for babies ensures they remain steady, secure, and comfortable.

6. Bath Sponge:

Crafted to be gentle on a baby's skin, bath sponges are an essential part of any baby bath set. Perfect for a gentle yet thorough clean, they're a must-have for every parent.

7. Shower Chair:

As your baby grows, a shower chair for babies, also known as a baby bathtub chair, becomes an essential part of the bathing routine. These chairs offer a secure seating space, making it easier to bathe active toddlers.

8. Bathroom Mats:

Safety is a prime concern, especially when dealing with water. Our range of baby bath mats, including the specialized baby bathing mat and the bath mat for babies with a seat, ensures that your little one has a secure footing and doesn't slip during their bath time.

9. Bath Gloves:

For those looking to gently exfoliate their baby's skin, bath gloves are a perfect choice. Gentle on the skin yet effective, they ensure your baby is squeaky clean every time.

10. Baby Bath Net & Accessories:

These accessories, ranging from nets to other baby bathing devices, are essential for a comprehensive bathing experience. They ensure your baby is supported, comfortable, and entertained during bath time.

11. Bathroom Stool:

As your child grows, they'll want to do things on their own. Bathroom stools provide that little boost they need to reach sinks and feel independent.

12. Bucket:

The baby bath bucket offers a quick and efficient way to bathe your child. It's portable, easy to fill, and perfect for those days when you're in a hurry.

13. Toothbrush Holder:

A fun way to introduce dental hygiene to your child. With engaging designs, these holders make brushing teeth an exciting part of the day.

Features of Our Baby Bathing Accessories

1. BPA Free Bath Accessories:

Your child's health and safety is our utmost priority. Products that are BPA Free ensure that there are no harmful chemicals that can leach into the water, making every bath safe for your child.

2. Bath Accessories With Drain Plug:

Convenience meets functionality. Our bath products with a drain plug allow for easy and swift water drainage, making post-bath cleanup a breeze.

3. Bath Accessories Multipieces Set:

Complete your baby’s bathing routine with our multipieces set. Everything you need, from tubs to accessories, bundled together for comprehensive care.

4. Animal Print Bath Accessories:

Make bath time fun with lively animal prints. Engaging and colorful, these designs can turn any hesitant bather into an eager one.

5. Cartoon Print Bath Accessories:

Who doesn't love cartoons? Our cartoon print accessories captivate the imagination, ensuring your little ones look forward to every bath.

6. Inflatable Bath Accessories:

Perfect for storage and travel. These inflatable bath accessories can be deflated to save space and then inflated when needed, ensuring bath time is possible anywhere, anytime.

7. Foam Bath Accessories:

For maximum comfort, opt for our foam accessories. They are gentle on the skin, ensuring a comfy and cushioned bath experience.

8. Floral Print Bath Accessories:

Elegant and beautiful, the floral prints on our bathing accessories are perfect for adding a touch of charm to bath time.

9. Bath Accessories With Music:

Turn bath time into a delightful experience with musical accessories. The soothing tunes can calm hesitant bathers and make the experience enjoyable for all.


Q1. Are the baby baths made of safe material?

Answer. Absolutely, our products, especially the baby bath tub chair, are made of BPA-free materials ensuring your child's safety.

Q2. How do I ensure the bath mat doesn't slip?

Answer. Our range of baby bath mats, especially the baby bath mat with seat, are designed to be non-slip, ensuring maximum safety during bath time.

Q3. What's the difference between a baby bath pad and a baby bath cushion?

Answer. A baby bath pad offers support at the base of the tub, while a baby bath cushion provides padding for comfort and security.

Q4. Can I buy these bathing products online?

Answer. Yes, our extensive range of bathing products online ensures you find exactly what you need with the convenience of home delivery.

Q5. Is there a cost-effective range available?

Answer. We pride ourselves on offering a range of products to fit various budgets without compromising on quality.

Q6. Can the baby bath support older children?

Answer. While some products like the newborn bathtub are designed for infants, we have products suitable for toddlers and older children as well.

Q7. What's unique about the baby bathing device?

Answer. Our baby bathing devices come with various features, from music to playful designs, enhancing the bath time experience.

Bath time is a special moment between parent and child. Our products, tailored for the UAE market, ensure these moments are safe, enjoyable, and memorable. Explore our range today!


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