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Baby Bottles, Nipples & Teats

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Buy Feeding Bottles & Teats online from a collection of 856 Products at with prices starting at AED 4.

Feeding Bottles & Teats For Kids/Baby - Your Ultimate Choice in UAE

In the beautiful landscapes of UAE, where traditions blend with modernity, nurturing your child demands the fusion of the age-old wisdom with modern convenience. This understanding forms the core of our diverse range of feeding bottles and teats.

Types of Feeding Bottles & Teats:

1. Baby Feeding Bottles:

When you think of Feeding bottles for Babies, the primary image that strikes your mind is of a comfortable and ergonomic bottle that caters to an infant's needs. From the essential newborn feeding bottles designed for those delicate first days to robust baby milk bottles crafted for older infants, our variety ensures that every stage of your baby's growth is covered.

2. Feeding Bottle Nipples & Teats:

The heart of a good feeding bottle lies in its teat or nipple. Understanding this, our collection includes an extensive range of feeding bottle teats designed for every infant's unique needs. From the gentle curve of a breast mimic nipple to the precise design of a peristaltic nipple, every teat promises a seamless feeding experience.

3. Bottle Strainer:

A must-have for parents who opt for formula feeding. Ensuring there are no clumps or lumps in your baby’s milk, the strainer guarantees a smooth sip every time.

Features of Feeding Bottles & Teats:

1. BPA Free Feeding Bottles & Teats:

The health of your child is paramount. When parents look for baby feeding bottles, the BPA-free tag is often a sought-after feature. BPA, a harmful chemical often found in plastics, is absent from our bottles, ensuring your baby's safety with every gulp.

2. Anti-Colic Feeding Bottles & Teats:

The discomfort of colic can be distressing for both baby and parent. Our anti-colic bottles are meticulously designed to prevent air ingestion, reducing those painful episodes.

3. Wide Neck/Breast Mimic Nipples & Bottles:

Many mothers worry about the transition from breast to bottle. Our wide neck bottles, with breast mimic nipples, ensure that this transition is smooth and natural, reducing nipple confusion.

4. Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Feeding Bottles & Teats:

Modern parenting demands convenience. And what better way than having bottles that are both dishwasher and microwave safe? These features ensure hygiene and ease-of-use, perfect for today's fast-paced world.

5. Standard Neck, Angle Neck Bottles:

Each baby is unique, and so are their preferences. While some might prefer a standard neck, others might be comfortable with an angle neck bottle. We cater to them all.

6. Bottle Sets:

For those parents who love coordinated items or are looking for value deals, our bottle sets are a perfect choice.

7. Sterilizer Safe & Bottle with Handle:

Sterilization ensures the health and well-being of your baby. Our bottles, being sterilizer safe, stand the test of high temperatures. Plus, for those tiny hands, bottles with handles provide the perfect grip.

Flow of Feeding Bottles & Teats:

1.Regular Flow Feeding Bottles & Teats:

Suited for most babies, the regular flow ensures a consistent and comfortable milk flow.

2.Slow Flow Nipple Feeding Bottles & Teats:

Especially designed for newborns, the slow flow nipple ensures they get just the right amount, preventing choking or overfeeding.

3.Adjustable/Variable Flow Feeding Bottles & Teats:

A unique design that allows parents to adjust the flow as per their baby’s requirements.

4. Medium & Fast Flow Feeding Bottles & Teats:

As your infant grows, their feeding needs change. Our medium and fast flow nipples ensure they don’t have to struggle during their feed.

Material of Feeding Bottles & Teats:

1.Plastic & Polypropylene Feeding Bottles & Teats:

The go-to material for most baby bottles, plastic and polypropylene are both durable and lightweight. They're the first choice for many parents, especially for their convenience.

2.Silicone Feeding Bottles & Teats:

Mimicking the softness of a mother’s breast, silicone bottles are increasingly becoming popular. They're flexible, durable, and a hit among babies who prefer a softer touch.

3.Glass Feeding Bottles & Teats:

Evoking a sense of nostalgia and trusted for its chemical-free nature, baby feeding bottle glass is a favorite among many eco-conscious parents. It’s sturdy, safe, and long-lasting.

4. Latex/Rubber Feeding Bottles & Teats:

Known for its flexibility and softness, latex/rubber teats are often preferred for babies who refuse harder materials.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. Which is the best brand for baby feeding bottles?

Answer. The best brand varies depending on individual needs. However, many inquire about the price of avent feeding bottles, a testimony to its widespread reputation.

Q2. How frequently should I replace feeding bottle teats?

Answer. Usually, every 1-2 months or when they exhibit signs of damage.

Q3. Can I trust online platforms to buy baby bottles online?

Answer. Absolutely! Just ensure you purchase from reputable websites. Our platform ensures authenticity and quality.

Q4. How do I choose the correct baby bottle teats?

Answer. It largely depends on your baby's age and feeding style. Newborns typically require slow-flow teats.

Q5. What are the benefits of glass baby feeding bottles?

Answer. They're eco-friendly, durable, and free from potential chemicals.

Q6. How do standard nipples differ from baby nipples for bottles?

Answer. Specialized nipples, like orthodontic ones, are designed with specific purposes such as oral development support.

Q7. How can I ensure the best baby feeding bottle price?

Answer. Keep an eye on our regular offers and discounts for the best deals.

Q8. Do you have bottles designed particularly for newborn baby feeding?

Answer. Yes, our newborn feeding bottles are crafted to meet the delicate feeding needs of a newborn.

Feeding your child is a journey filled with love, care, and sometimes challenges. With our wide range of bottles and teats, we aim to make this journey smoother for you. Whether it's a small nipple feeding bottle for your newborn or you're just browsing to find the best feeding bottles for baby, our extensive collection in UAE guarantees top quality and unparalleled choice. Dive in and explore the best for your baby!


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