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Kids Food and health Supplements

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Buy Kids Food & Nutritional Supplements online from a collection of 136 Products at with prices starting at AED 6.

Food and Nutritional Supplements For Kids & Babies - UAE's Premier Choices

Navigating the bustling world of children's nutrition can be overwhelming. As guardians of our children's health in the UAE, we want to ensure they get the best. Dive into a comprehensive guide detailing each category to provide the very best for your child's growth and health.

1. Health Drinks & Powder:

Children have unique nutritional needs at various stages of their growth. Drinks and powders have become vital components of fulfilling these requirements.

- Child Milk Powder:

Often recommended as a supplement or replacement for breastfeeding, child milk powder ensures that your child gets all essential nutrients. The best milk powder for kids is formulated to be close to mother's milk, offering both nourishment and immunity.

- Kids Nutrition Powder:

This is a wholesome blend of vital vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients designed especially for growing children. Brands have curated specific blends, keeping in mind the nutritional gaps in modern diets.

- Best Health Drinks for Child Growth:

Growth spurts require extra nutrients. The best health drinks for child growth are fortified with ingredients promoting healthy bone, muscle, and cognitive development.

- Nutritional Drinks for Kids & Toddlers:

Catering to the picky eaters, brands have launched the best nutritional drink for toddlers and older kids that not only support growth but are also palatable.

2. Health Supplements:

With the rise in processed foods, health supplements play a critical role in ensuring children receive all their necessary nutrients.

- Best Food Supplement for Kids:

From omega fatty acids to multivitamin gummies, the market is flooded with options. Choosing the best requires understanding the child's specific needs and consulting with pediatric nutritionists.

- Health Supplements for Kids:

These are essential aids in building a robust immune system, especially in the growing years. From vitamin C drops to iron syrups, they play a crucial role in preventing deficiencies.

- Nutritional Supplements for Kids:

These products often combine the benefits of various nutrients, ensuring a well-rounded intake and filling any dietary gaps.

3. Nutritional Bars & Candies:

Transforming snacks into nutritional powerhouses, these treats are both tasty and beneficial.

- Protein Shakes for Kids:

Perfect after an active day or sports, these shakes provide the necessary proteins for muscle repair and growth. They're a hit among kids who relish their taste.

- Nutritional Bars:

Packed with fibers, vitamins, and often devoid of excessive sugars, they're a parent's dream for a quick, healthy snack on the go.

4. Finger/Snacks Food:

Every parent understands the importance of having easy-to-grab and nutritious snacks handy.

- Easy Finger Foods for Baby:

As babies explore textures and tastes, items like baby finger foods are perfect. They're designed to dissolve easily, minimizing choking hazards, and are rich in essential nutrients.

- Baby Finger Foods:

From rice rusks to vegetable sticks, these products are often organic and free from harmful additives. They are crucial in teaching babies to chew and handle food.

5. Cereals:

A breakfast staple, cereals for kids have evolved to be more nutritious than ever.

- Kids Nutrition Powder:

While traditional cereals are good, those infused with kids nutrition powder are superior. They offer a blend of grains, nuts, and often fruits, ensuring a balanced meal to start the day.

6. Liquid Drops, Syrup, and Honey:

Liquid supplements are an easy way to ensure even the most resistant child gets their daily dose of health.

- Healthy Juice for Kids:

Not all juices are equal. The healthiest options are those without added sugars and preservatives. They offer hydration along with vital vitamins.

- Nutritional Drinks for Kids:

These can range from fortified soy milk to fruit blends, ensuring kids get more than just hydration from their beverages.

7. Puree:

An excellent choice for introducing babies to solid foods, purees come in various flavors and nutritional profiles.

- Nutritional Powder for Toddlers:

Many purees now incorporate this, ensuring that your toddler gets a burst of nutrients with every bite.

Sub Types of Food & Health Supplements:

Biscuits, Waffle/Wafers, and Cake/Pie:

In the snack world, these are kings. By selecting options with reduced sugars and added nutrients, parents can make snack time both fun and nutritious.


Ensuring children's health often means being cautious about what's not in the food.

- Organic, Gluten-Free, No Artificial Colour, Lactose/Dairy-Free, and Nut-Free:

Brands are increasingly catering to specific dietary needs and choices. Whether it's an allergy or a lifestyle choice, options abound to ensure every child's nutritional needs are met without compromise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q.1: Which is the best milk powder for kids?

Answer: Various brands cater to specific needs, but always ensure it's fortified with essential nutrients and consult your pediatrician for tailored recommendations.

Q.2: What's the difference between health drinks and nutrition drinks for kids?

Answer: Health drinks are generally for overall wellness, while nutrition drinks target specific nutrient requirements.

Q.3 Are there gluten-free finger foods available?

Answer: Absolutely! Brands offer gluten-free options, ensuring kids with sensitivities have choices.

Q.4: Where can I buy these healthy drinks online?

Answer: Numerous UAE-based ecommerce platforms stock a wide variety of healthy drinks for kids. Ensure you purchase from a reputable source.

Offering comprehensive insights into the children's nutritional world, this guide aims to help every UAE parent make informed choices. The journey of growth is intricate, but with the right nutritional partners, it can be both healthy and delightful.


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