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Musical Instruments for Kids

(251 Items)
Buy Kids Musical Instruments online from a collection of 251 Products at with prices starting at AED 4.

Unleash Your Child's Musical Genius with Our Exclusive Range of Musical Instruments for Babies & Kids

Crafting Harmonious Childhood Memories

Step into a world where every beat and melody shapes the symphonic journey of your child's creativity and intellectual growth. Our extensive array of musical instruments for kids instils a love for song but also aids in enhancing their cognitive and motor skills. From a musical kids piano to a rhythmic kids drum set, every piece in our collection is carefully designed to be a delightful, safe, and educational tool that forms the perfect music set for kids.

Exploring Diverse Tunes: A Symphony of Choices

1. Pianos & Keyboards:

Tune into the harmonious adventure with our kids keyboard, where every note played becomes a step into the splendid world of musical instruments for kids. Our kids piano is more than an instrument; it's a gateway to a universe where every melody tells a story.

2. Drum Sets & Percussion:

Let the rhythm flow with our drum set for kids. From traditional setups to thematic kids drum sets, we invite your little ones to express, explore, and energize through the beats, available conveniently via buy musical instruments online options.

3. Xylophones:

Striking the colourful bars of our xylophone for kids, they witness their eyes light up with joy, exploring the different tones, enhancing their auditory and motor skills.

4. Microphones:

Let them take centre stage with children's play microphones, ensuring their voice, imagination, and confidence amplify with every note, becoming a fun addition to their kids musical set.

5. Guitar:

Plucking strings of creativity, our kids guitar offers a world where melodies weave stories, and strumming cultivates dexterity and artistic expression.

6. Maracas:

Shake up the rhythm with kids maracas, a perfect initiation into the world of kid music toys, enhancing their coordination and introducing them to the vibrant world of rhythm.

7. Tambourine:

With each jingle of the kids tambourine, they're not just playing but diving into a rhythmic exploration, becoming a crucial piece in their music set for kids.

8. Ukulele:

A strum, a melody, our ukuleles are not just instruments for kids but a friend that whispers tales of harmonic adventures through every note.

9. Music/MP3 Players:

Unlock worlds of varied melodies with kids mp3 players, where they explore, learn, and enjoy different genres, artists, and tunes at their own pace.

10. Flute & Whistles:

A gentle blow, a vivid melody - our flute for kids and playful kids whistle to let them explore winds and tunes in a fun, engaging manner.

11. Castanets:

With every click and clack, kids castanets introduce them to traditional beats and enhance their rhythmic and coordination skills.

12. Trumpet:

Let them bask in the majestic, bold sounds of the kids trumpet, enhancing their breath control and introducing them to the enigmatic world of brass music instruments.

13. Mouth Organ/Harmonica:

From the gentle melodies of a mouth organ for kids to the lively tunes of a toy harmonica, each note plays a key role in developing their musical and oral dexterity.

14. Accordion:

The kids accordion invites them to a world where melody and harmony play a joyful duet, offering a unique, hands-on musical experience.

15. Banjo:

Pluck into the lively tunes with our banjos, offering them a string instrument that's played and felt with vibrant resonances.

16. Saxophone:

Deep, soulful, and rich - the kids saxophone introduces them to the expressive world of wind instruments, where each note tells a tale.

17. Harp:

Our kids harp invites them to a serene, harmonious world where strings conjure harmonies that entertain and soothe.

Material Matters: Ensuring Safety & Durability

The lullabies of safety and quality hum through our instruments, ensuring your children explore their musical world with tools crafted from the finest materials.

Plastic Instruments:

From flute for kids to playful kids whistle, our plastic instruments are crafted to be lightweight, durable, and, most importantly, safe for your little maestros.

Wooden Instruments:

Experience the rich, authentic tones with our wooden instruments, like the xylophone for kids, blending natural resonance with a smooth, child-friendly design.

Metal Instruments:

With a particular focus on durability and authentic sound, our metal instruments, like children's play microphones and kid music toys, ensure a long-lasting melodic adventure.

Orchestrating Fun & Learning with Our Kids Musical Set

Indulge in the multisensory engagement that our musical instruments present, promising not only an entertaining playtime but also a nurturing ground for developing vital life skills. Our range of musical equipment and kid music toys intertwine fun and learning in a harmonious blend that supports and encourages your child's overall development.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What age is suitable to introduce my child to your range of musical instruments?

Ans: Our baby musical instruments are designed for little maestros as young as six months, with particular attention to safety, comfort, and ease of use. Age recommendations are available on individual product pages for various instruments like the kids guitar or flute for kids.

2. Are the materials used in the kids musical instruments safe for children?

Ans: Absolutely! Whether it's a kids harp, kids tambourine, or any other item from our kids music instruments collection, each piece is crafted from child-safe, non-toxic materials, adhering to global safety standards.

3. Can I buy musical instruments online from your platform and get them delivered?

Ans: Yes, you can conveniently buy musical instruments online from our platform, and we ensure a swift and secure delivery to your doorstep, encapsulating the joy of purchasing tools for kids with utmost ease.

4. Do you provide any guidance on how to use or play these kid instruments?

Ans: Certainly! Our kids music set, whether it includes a mouth organ for kids or kids mp3 player, often comes with user-friendly guides. Moreover, our online platform offers numerous video tutorials and blog posts to nurture your little musician's journey.

5. Is there a warranty or return policy for the kids musical set?

Ans: We uphold our customers' satisfaction with a straightforward return policy and a warranty on various kid instruments. Details are comprehensively outlined on our customer support page and individual product pages.

Conclusion: Your Child's Musical Adventure Awaits Embark on an enchanting journey of musical exploration with our exquisite range of musical instruments for kids. From fostering creativity to strengthening cognitive abilities, our kids musical instruments are finely tuned to craft a harmonious childhood, resonating with joyful memories and learned skills. Let's make music together - your child's symphonic adventure awaits at FirstCry UAE.


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