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Kids Pajamas & Leggings for Girls & Boys

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Buy Pajamas & Leggings online from a collection of 839 Products at with prices starting at AED 10.
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Discover Our Wonderfully Cozy Range of Kids' Pajamas and Kids Leggings

Welcome to the heart of comfort with a touch of style, where we transform your child's dreams into reality. Browse through our rich collection of kids' pajamas and kids leggings online UAE, a promise of keeping your little ones not only stylish and cozy but comfortable too. has tailored these delightful wears, matching the preferences of our discerning customers - a perfect synergy of style, quality, and comfort. We offer a sleepwear range as diverse as your child's imagination. Presenting a variety of types, each kids pajamas and leggings designed with scrupulous attention to detail and crafted to meet every unique need of your child.

Types of Kids Pajamas & Kids Leggings:

1. Leggings and Lounge Pants:

Ideal for playdates or simply lounging at home. They are made of soft, stretchable fabric that gives freedom of movement and easy to wear.

2. Athleisure Pajamas & Leggings:

These versatile pieces transition smoothly from relaxed homewear to active sportswear, coming in a variety of fun prints and designs. They're crafted with a blend of cotton and elastane for comfort and flexibility.

3. Diaper Leggings:

Designed specifically for our smallest customers, these baby pajamas online uae are built to accommodate diapers comfortably, ensuring your baby's ease at all times.

4. Multi & Value Packs Pajamas & Leggings:

A marriage of convenience and style, our value packs provide multiple pieces in one set, perfect for stacking up your child's wardrobe.

5. Three Fourth Leggings & Pants:

These provide the perfect balance between full-length leggings and shorts, offering style and comfort for UAE's warm climate.

6. Organic Clothing:

Keeping your child's health and comfort as our priority, our organic range is made from 100% natural fabrics, free from any harmful chemicals.

7. Bootie Leggings:

These adorable kids leggings come with attached booties, ensuring your child's feet are warm and cozy.

8. Harem Pants:

Making a style statement, these are a nod to our MENA heritage, designed with a trendy, loose fit.

9. Fleece and Thermal Bottoms:

Best for the cooler months, these provide extra warmth and coziness for your child.

Pajamas & Leggings Styles Galore

The world of children's sleepwear is full of delightful styles, ready to ignite your child's imagination and complement their unique personality.

1. Classic Kids Pajama Sets:

This style never loses its charm. Comprising a matching top and bottom, it's the epitome of traditional sleepwear.

2. Nightgowns:

Loved by little girls for their princess-like appeal. Flowy and feminine, they come in a variety of delightful designs.

3. Onesies:

Onesies are a fun, all-in-one solution. Often featuring whimsical designs like animals or cartoon characters, it sparks your child's creativity.

4. Separates:

For a more versatile option, separates allow for mix-and-match possibilities. It's a fun way for children to express their personal style even at bedtime.

Pajamas & Leggings Patterns that Excite

Patterns have the magic to transform ordinary sleepwear into something spectacular. From charming motifs to adventurous themes, there's something for every child in our pyjamas online UAE collection.

1. Cartoon Prints Pajamas & Leggings:

Beloved characters from your child's favorite TV shows or movies make bedtime more fun.

2. Animal Prints Pajamas & Leggings:

These range from the fierceness of the jungle to the sweetness of domestic pets.

3. Floral Designs Pajamas & Leggings:

These are a perennial favorite, offering a touch of nature's beauty.

4. Stripes and Dots Pajamas & Leggings:

These classic patterns provide a timeless appeal, perfect for kids of all ages.

5. Starry Nights Pajamas & Leggings:

Dreamy patterns of stars, moons, and galaxies take your child on a cosmic journey as they drift off to sleep.

Pajamas & Leggings Materials Matter

Choosing the right material is crucial for your child's comfort and a good night's sleep.

1. Cotton Pajamas & Leggings:

This is the most common material due to its breathability, softness, and durability. It's ideal for warm climates and sensitive skin.

2. Fleece Pajamas & Leggings:

Perfect for colder nights, fleece is incredibly warm and cozy. It's also lightweight, making it comfortable for children to move in.

3. Polyester Pajamas & Leggings:

Known for its resilience and durability, polyester is easy to care for and retains its shape and color well, even after repeated washing.

4. Organic Cotton:

This eco-friendly material is grown without harmful chemicals, making it ideal for children with sensitive skin or allergies.

5. Bamboo Pajamas & Leggings:

Known for its hypoallergenic properties, bamboo fabric is incredibly soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking, ensuring maximum comfort for your child.


1. How should I choose the right size of kids pajamas for my child?

  • Ans: To ensure the right fit, consider your child's height, weight, and age while ordering. We also provide a detailed size chart for reference.

2. Are your products safe for my child's skin?

  • Ans: Absolutely. We use high-quality, skin-friendly materials, and our organic range is entirely free from harmful chemicals.

3. Can I buy in bulk?

  • Ans: Yes, our Multi & Value Packs offer a range of designs and sizes for you to stock up on.

4. How can I maintain the quality of the kids pajamas and kids leggings?

  • Ans: Most of our products are machine-washable. However, always check the care label instructions before washing.

5. Do you deliver across the UAE?

  • Ans: Yes, we provide nationwide delivery and also ship to several MENA countries.

Embark on a journey with us, explore our collection of kids pajamas online at, and pick the best for your child. Let every night be a dream come true with our baby pajamas and kids leggings, crafted with love and thoughtfulness. Happy shopping!


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