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RC Toys - Remote Control Cars and Toys

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Buy Radio & Remote Control Toys online from a collection of 354 Products at with prices starting at AED 8.

Radio & Remote Control Toys For Kids: Endless Fun & Learning


Welcome to our captivating world of Radio & Remote Control Toys for Kids! At FirstCry UAE, we take pride in offering an extensive range of RC toys that cater to the diverse preferences of children in the UAE region. Our carefully curated selection includes everything from remote car toys and Helicopters to Drones and Aquatic Adventures, ensuring hours of entertainment and education for your little ones.

Let's dive into the exciting world of RC toys and explore the different types and character shops we have to offer:

Types of Remote Control Toys:

1. RC Cars:

Zooming through obstacles, performing stunts, and experiencing the thrill of racing, our RC cars are designed to deliver endless excitement. These miniature marvels come in various models, from sleek sports cars to rugged off-roaders.

2. RC Trucks:

For those who love the big wheels, our RC trucks offer a taste of heavy-duty action. These robust vehicles can conquer rough terrains and provide an authentic trucking experience.

3. RC Robots:

Encourage your child's fascination with technology and robotics with our RC robots. These interactive companions can dance, speak, and even execute pre-programmed movements.

4. RC Trains & Buses:

All aboard! Our RC trains and buses are perfect for young conductors and travelers. Let your child explore the world of transportation with these delightful toys.

5. RC Drones & Quadcopters:

Take flight with our range of RC drones and quadcopters. Ideal for budding pilots, these devices offer aerial adventures and capture stunning aerial shots.

6. RC Helicopters:

Hovering above the ground, remote helicopters provide an exciting flying experience. These rc helicopters come in various sizes and designs.

7. RC Animals:

Bring the animal kingdom to life with our RC animal toys. From roaring dinosaurs to crawling insects, these toys are both educational and entertaining.

8. RC Boats:

Sail into aquatic adventures with our RC boats. Perfect for the pool or bathtub, these boats are designed for splashy fun.

9. RC Construction Toys:

Foster your child's creativity and engineering skills with our RC construction toys. They can build, demolish, and operate their very own construction site.

10. RC Bikes:

Two-wheeled fun awaits with our RC bikes. These miniature motorcycles are perfect for racing and honing motor skills.

11. RC Airplanes:

Let imaginations soar with our RC airplanes. These models replicate real aircraft, making them ideal for aspiring aviators.

12. RC Tanks:

Command the battlefield with our RC tanks. These mini war machines provide strategic playtime for your little general.

13. RC Aquatic:

Dive into the underwater world with our RC aquatic toys. From submarines to marine creatures, these toys are perfect for underwater exploration.

14. RC Track Set:

Create thrilling race tracks with our RC track sets. These modular sets allow kids to design their own challenging courses.

Character Shop: Explore Exciting Remote Control Toys

1. Hot Wheels RC Toys:

Rev up the excitement with Hot Wheels-themed remote control cars for kids. These iconic cars are not only fast and sleek but also remote-controlled for endless racing adventures. Get ready for epic Hot Wheels showdowns right at home.

2. Spider-Man RC Toys:

Bring Spider-Man's web-swinging adventures to life with remote control helicopters inspired by the friendly neighborhood superhero. Watch in awe as Spidey takes to the skies in your child's capable hands.

3. Disney Pixar Cars RC Toys:

Introduce your little racers to Lightning McQueen and the charming cast of Disney Pixar Cars with our remote control car collection. These cars are designed for kids who dream of hitting the racetrack and becoming champions.

4. Iron Man RC Toys:

For budding superheroes, our Iron Man-themed remote control toys provide an opportunity to step into Tony Stark's suit. Fly high with Iron Man's iconic repulsor blasts or explore the ground with his remote control cars.

5. Captain America RC Toys:

Join Captain America in defending justice with our remote control toys featuring this patriotic hero. Whether it's a remote control car or helicopter, your child will feel like a true Avenger.

6. Barbie RC Toys:

Barbie has ventured into the world of remote control boats. Let your child set sail with these elegant and stylish vessels, complete with all the glamour that Barbie embodies.

7. Hello Kitty RC Toys:

Say hello to adorable adventures with Hello Kitty-themed remote control toys. These charming and cute vehicles will capture the hearts of Hello Kitty fans of all ages.

8. Unicorn RC Toys:

Unicorns are the stuff of dreams, and now your child can control one with our remote control unicorn toys. These magical creatures light up, trot, and spread enchantment with the touch of a remote.

In our Character Shop, you'll find an array of remote control toys that cater to various interests and preferences. Whether your child is a racing enthusiast, a superhero fan, or simply loves cute and magical creatures, we have something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are these remote-controlled toys safe for kids?

Ans: Absolutely! Our RC toys are designed with safety in mind, featuring child-friendly materials and simplified controls. However, adult supervision is recommended, especially for younger children.

2. What is the ideal age range for these toys?

Ans: Our RC toys are suitable for a wide range of ages, from toddlers to older kids. Each product listing specifies the recommended age group to help you make the right choice.

3. Do the RC toys come with batteries included?

Ans: It varies by product. Some toys include batteries, while others require separate purchases. Be sure to check the product details for battery information.

4. Can I find replacement parts for these toys?

Ans: Yes, we offer a range of replacement parts and accessories for our RC toys. Browse our selection to keep your toys in top condition.

5. Are these toys educational?

Ans: Many of our RC toys offer educational benefits, such as promoting fine motor skills, problem-solving, and an understanding of technology. Check the product descriptions for specific educational features.

6. What should I consider when choosing an RC toy for my child?

Ans: Factors to consider include your child's age, interests, and skill level. For younger kids, simpler models with easy controls are recommended, while older kids may enjoy more advanced options.

Conclusion: At FirstCry UAE, we're committed to delivering the joy of Radio & Remote Control Toys for Kids to families across the UAE and the MENA region. Whether your child is into high-speed racing, flying adventures, or imaginative play with their favorite characters, our diverse range of RC toys has something for everyone. Explore our collection today and watch your child's imagination take flight with these exciting toys that combine fun and learning.


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