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Kids Scooters, Ride-on & Electric Scooter

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Buy Ride-ons & Scooters online from a collection of 1104 Products at with prices starting at AED 44.

Ride-ons Cars & Scooters For Baby & Kids: The Ultimate Guide for UAE Shoppers

Ride-ons and scooters have always been a favorite for kids. They provide not just fun, but also a sense of independence and adventure. Whether you're in the bustling streets of Dubai or the scenic landscapes of Al Ain, there's no better joy than watching your little one cruising on their little vehicle. For parents in the UAE, choosing the right ride-on or scooter for their child can sometimes be overwhelming due to the plethora of options available. But don't fret; we have your back!

Types of Ride-ons and Scooters:

Three Wheel Kids Scooters:

Designed with a triangular wheelbase, they offer the utmost stability, making them perfect for young riders. Their broad base and easy-grip handles are tailored for tiny hands, providing the ideal introduction to mobile play.

Two Wheel Kids Scooters:

As kids grow and develop better balance, two-wheel scooters become the next big step. Lighter and more agile, these are popular among school-going children and often come in various designs and colours.

Four-Wheel Kids Scooters:

Offering a balance between stability and fun, four-wheel scooters can support more weight and often feature unique designs, sometimes even with dual handlebars or seating options.


From luxury sedans to sporty convertibles, battery-operated cars are a hit. With features mimicking real cars, like horn sounds, turn signals, and even MP3 players, they offer a truly immersive experience.


With designs inspired by real-life motorcycles, these ride-on are often equipped with foot pedals and sound effects and are an excellent choice for kids looking for something different from the traditional four-wheelers.

Electric Scooters:

Are sleek, fast, and built for the slightly older child. They're rechargeable and can be a transition before they move to genuine scooters in their teenage years.


These all-terrain vehicles are built to be rugged. With wide tires and a sturdy build, they're great for kids who love outdoor adventures.


The rough and rugged design, with spacious seating and often a storage trunk, makes jeeps a favourite among kids who like to ride with their toys or friends.

3. Manual Push Ride-Ons:

These are foot-to-floor vehicles where kids use their foot power to move. They're fantastic for developing leg muscles and come in various designs, from cars to animals.

4. Licensed Ride Ons:

These are replicas of real-life vehicles made in collaboration with automobile companies. If you've ever wanted your child to drive a mini version of your luxury car, this is where you'll find it!

5. Rocking Ride-ons:

Beyond the traditional horse design, rocking ride-ons today come in various creatures, from dinosaurs to dragons. The back-and-forth motion is not only fun but also helps in developing motor skills.

6. Twister and Swing Cars:

Powered by the child's steering movement, they offer a unique and fun way to ride around. No batteries, pedals, or gears. They're all about twisting and turning fun!

7. Ride-ons Accessories:

From customizable stickers to matching helmets and knee pads to even miniature petrol pumps, the accessories help enhance the overall playtime experience.

Features to Consider:

Handle Height Adjust:

This allows the scooter or ride-on to 'grow' with your child. A longer usage span ensures you get value for your money.

LED Lights:

These aren't just about aesthetics. They provide better visibility during evening rides and add an extra layer of safety.

With Brake:

Especially important as your child gains confidence and speed, brakes provide immediate stopping power.


In-built speakers with popular tunes or even connectivity options for personalized playlists can make rides more enjoyable.

Parental Remote:

A wireless control lets parents take over the steering and speed, ensuring that even the most adventurous kids stay safe.


Useful for those little trips to the grocery store with mom and dad or even to store their toys and snacks.

Safety Belt:

Ensures the child remains securely seated, especially crucial for the more adventurous and faster ride-ons.

A Closer Look at Our Collection:

Audi & BMW:

Let your child feel the thrill of speed, and the luxury of driving with our Audi and BMW kids ride on cars. Crafted with precision, they mirror the grandeur of their real-world counterparts.

Kawasaki Scooters:

Perfect for those children who are always on the move, our Kawasaki toddler scooters promise endless fun on every ride.

Volkswagen & Beetle:

Introduce your child to the evergreen classics. The nostalgia combined with modern safety features ensures they ride in style.

Mercedes Benz & Range Rover:

Let your child drive in the lap of luxury with these iconic brands, creating memories they'll cherish forever.


Our Bugatti range promises unmatched speed and style for the little racers born to lead.

Drive Home Happiness!

Ride-ons are more than just toys. They are a child's first step into movement, balance, and independence. When they hop onto their car ride on or mount their toddler scooter, they're not just playing; they're learning and growing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which is the best starter ride-on for my toddler?

Answer: A 'toddler ride on toy' like a manual push ride-on or a three-wheel scooter is perfect for starters.

2. Is there a weight limit for kids' scooters?

Answer: Yes, most 'kids scooters' and 'baby scooters' come with weight recommendations. Always check the product specifications.

3. How long do battery-operated ride-ons last?

Answer: Depending on usage, most 'kids electric ride on cars' lasts 1-2 hours on a full charge.

4. Are the ride-ons and scooters safe for kids?

Answer: Absolutely! Products like 'ride-on cars for toddlers' come equipped with features like safety belts and parental remotes for added safety.

5. Can I buy additional accessories for my child's scooter?

Answer: Many 'scooters for kids' come with optional accessories that can be purchased separately.

Whether it's a 'motorized scooter for kids', a rocking 'ride on a rocker', or a manual 'ride on push car', there's a perfect ride-on or scooter for every child in the UAE. Shop with confidence and let your little one zoom into their next adventure!


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