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School Bags and Backpacks for Kids

(1536 Items)
Buy School Bags & Back Packs online from a collection of 1536 Products at with prices starting at AED 9.

Kids School Bags & Backpacks: UAE's Finest Collection for Young Achievers

Stepping into a new academic realm or just refreshing your child's accessory game? Delve into our comprehensive range of kids' school bags, meticulously crafted for the youngsters of the UAE. As a premier destination for school bags in Dubai, our offerings merge functionality, durability, and style, ensuring every child feels special and prepared.

Types of Kids School Bags & Backpacks:

1. Backpacks:

When parents think of a school bag for kids, the classic backpack often comes to mind. Revered for its versatility, these kids' backpacks cater to both school bag girls and school bag boys. Not just a mere school back pack, it's a statement of comfort and convenience.

2. Trolley Backpacks:

Our trolley school bags for kids are a lifesaver for those loaded academic days. Especially in regions like Dubai, where the terrain is mostly flat, the school trolley bag girl range and general school bags with wheels are becoming increasingly popular. They offer the dual advantage of being a regular backpack and a trolley, all in one.

3. Satchels:

Reminiscent of the traditional child school bag, satchels are regaining popularity. Their structured design ensures that the contents, be it books or art supplies, remain organized. It's a blend of the past with modern functionality, suitable for children looking for something different.

4. Messenger & Sling Bags:

These bags cater to the youngsters who prioritize style alongside utility. While they might look sleek, they provide ample space for all school essentials. They're perfect bags for kids girls and boys who like to stay ahead in the fashion game.

5. Laptop Bags:

In this digital age, a laptop bag is essential. From presentations to digital assignments, our laptop bags for school ensure devices remain protected and easy to carry.

6. Bag Tags:

These little additions allow for a touch of personalization. A bag back for a girl or boy can be easily identified with these customizable tags, making them essential for larger schools.

7. String Bags:

These are the unsung heroes for extracurricular days. Lightweight and durable, they're ideal for sportswear or any additional gear.

Features of School Bags & Backpacks:

- Adjustable Straps:

Every child is unique, and so should be their bags. Adjustable straps cater to all heights, ensuring the school bag for toddlers to teens fits perfectly.

- Padded Straps and Back:

Comfort is paramount. Padded straps alleviate shoulder stress, and a cushioned back ensures that even a full school bag for boys and girls feels light and comfortable.

- Compartments:

From single to triple compartments, the choice is vast. While some kids like everything in one large space, others prefer dedicated pockets for each item.

- Water Bottle Pocket:

With UAE's climate, hydration is crucial. A dedicated pocket ensures the child's water bottle is always within reach.

- Waterproof:

Those sudden desert rains or accidental spills shouldn't mean the end of homework or precious notes. Waterproof bags offer that extra layer of protection.

- With Laptop Compartment:

For the tech-savvy students, a special pocket ensures their gadgets remain safe and accessible.

Material of School Bags & Backpacks:

Cotton Bags & Backpacks:

This natural fabric is soft against the skin and eco-friendly, making it perfect for younger children's school bags.

Polyester Bags & Backpacks:

Known for its durability and water-resistant properties, polyester is a popular choice for kids backpacks for school.

Nylon Bags & Backpacks:

Renowned for its strength and lightweight properties, nylon is ideal for those heavy school days.

Canvas Bags & Backpacks:

A favorite among the artistic souls, canvas bags offer a perfect balance of style and durability.

PVC Bags & Backpacks:

For those messy art days or unexpected spills, PVC bags are easy to clean and maintain.

Faux Leather Bags & Backpacks:

For the young sophisticates, faux leather offers a touch of elegance and class.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. I'm seeking school bags specifically designed for the UAE climate. What do you suggest?

Answer. Our range of school bags, especially those made of polyester and nylon, are ideal for the UAE climate. Their water-resistant properties ensure protection during sudden rains.

Q2. How do your trolley bags compare with regular kids backpacks?

Answer. Our trolley bags, including the kids trolley backpack range, are versatile. They can be used both as regular backpacks and as trolleys, offering flexibility based on the day's requirements.

Q3. Are there bags suitable for preschoolers?

Answer. Absolutely! We have school bags for toddlers that are smaller in size, lightweight, and come with exciting designs to make their first school experience memorable.

Q4. Can I find exclusive designs for boys?

Answer. Of course! From superheroes to abstract patterns, our school bags for boys collection caters to varied tastes.

Q5. Do you offer special features for tech-savvy kids?

Answer. Yes, our school backpacks with laptop compartments ensure that tech gadgets are safely stored and easily accessible.

Q6. How can I identify my child's bag in a crowd?

Answer. Our customizable bag tags are the perfect solution. They add a personal touch, making identification easier.

Q7. Are there any school bags suitable for art students?

Answer. Our canvas and PVC bags are ideal for art students, offering both space and protection for art supplies.

Let your child's academic journey in the UAE be complemented with the perfect school bag. Our collection is not just about bags; it's about nurturing dreams, one backpack at a time.


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