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Stationery Items & Stationery Sets for Kids

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Buy Stationery online from a collection of 1847 Products at with prices starting at AED 1.
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Kids School Stationery Items in UAE: Everything Your Little One Needs!

When your child is preparing for school, ensuring they have the right stationery is essential. In the fast-paced world of UAE, where quality and style go hand-in-hand, our range of kids' stationery items doesn't just meet the grade - it sets the standard! Whether you're looking to buy stationery online for the very first time or wanting to replenish your child's supply, our extensive collection is sure to impress.

1. Pencil Boxes & Pouches: Keeping the Basics Together

- Pencil Box for Kids:

These aren’t just any ordinary boxes. Designed to inspire creativity, our range of pencil boxes for kids brings together form, function, and a sprinkle of fun. A must-have to keep those tiny tools organized.

- Kids Pencil Case:

These stylish and practical cases make it easy for children to keep their pens and pencils at arm's reach. Plus, having a designated kids pencil case reduces the chances of misplacing essential stationery items.

2. Sharpners and Erasers: No Room for Mistakes

Every child deserves the best tools to hone their skills. Our sharpeners ensure a perfect point, while our erasers guarantee flawless corrections, emphasizing the importance of iteration in learning.

3. Pencils and Pens: Tools of Expression

- Kids Colouring Pencils:

Bursting with vibrant colors, our kids colouring pencils are perfect for those budding artists. They glide smoothly and fill pages with imagination.

- Kids Stationery Sets:

Buying individual items can be a hassle. That’s where kids stationery sets come into play. Complete with everything from pens to pencils, these sets ensure your child won’t miss out on any stationery essentials.

4. Marker & Highlighter: Making Notes Stand Out

Ideal for emphasizing vital points, markers and highlighters in our collection are tailor-made for young hands, ensuring comfort and precision in every stroke.

5. Stationery Set: Comprehensive Packs for Every Need

- Kids Stationery Set:

Our carefully curated kids stationery sets cater to every young scholar’s needs. From basic pencils to unique art tools, they're comprehensive and quality assured.

- School Stationery Set:

When you think of school stationary, a few essentials come to mind. Our school stationery sets are thoughtfully compiled to offer just that, and then some.

6. Notebooks: Canvases for Thoughts

Our range of notebooks caters to every child's unique tastes. Whether they’re jotting down classroom notes or doodling during free time, a quality notebook is indispensable.

7. Scissors and Cutter: Crafted with Care

Safety first! Our scissors and cutters are designed with little fingers in mind, ensuring every craft session remains accident-free.

8. Writing & Doodle Boards: The Modern Age Slates

- White Boards & Chalk Boards:

These aren’t just for classrooms. Having one at home can transform learning, making it interactive and fun. Plus, they're an eco-friendly alternative to paper.

- Label Printers:

Teaching kids to organize early on is a life skill. Label printers help categorize and arrange, instilling a sense of order.

9. Glue: Sticking Memories and More

From crafting assignments to simple school projects, a reliable adhesive is essential. Our glues are non-toxic, ensuring every project is a safe one.

10. Stencils and Ruler: Precision Meets Art

Crafted for accuracy and ease, our range of stencils and rulers are a must-have for every stationery kit for kids.

11. Stapler and Stapler Pins: Holding Ideas Together

Simple yet essential, staplers and stapler pins in our collection are durable, ensuring every page stays in place.

12. Geometry Set: For the Budding Mathematician

A complete geometry set is more than just instruments; it's an invitation to explore the world of shapes and spaces.

13. Tape/Adhesives/Fasteners: The Unsung Heroes

Behind every impressive project lies the support of reliable tapes and adhesives. Our range guarantees longevity and strength.

14. Display Files & Holders: Organizing with Elegance

Teaching kids the importance of organization early on sets them up for success. Our display files and holders not only serve the purpose but do it with style.

15. Chalks: Traditional Yet Timeless

Chalks may seem old school, but their charm is irreplaceable. Perfect for classrooms or play, our chalks are vibrant and dust-free.

Sub Types: Extras for the Artistic Soul

Coloring Kits for Toddlers:

A world of colors awaits. These kits are designed to ignite creativity, with everything a toddler needs to start their artistic journey.

2. Craft Sets for Kids:

From intricate designs to simple projects, our craft sets for kids offer endless hours of fun.

3. Oil Pastels for Kids:

For those who love to blend and shade, oil pastels are the perfect pick. Smooth and vibrant, they bring every artwork to life.

4. Stationery Gift Set for Kids:

Looking for the perfect gift? Our stationery gift set for kids is both practical and delightful, making any occasion special.

FAQs on Kids Stationery Items

Q1. Where can I buy stationery online in UAE for my child?

Answer. Right here! Our online portal offers a vast array of kids stationery, from pencil boxes to school stationary sets.

Q2. What makes your kids stationery sets stand out?

Answer. Our kids stationery sets are curated with quality, safety, and style in mind, ensuring the best for your child.

Q3. Can I find coloring kits for toddlers on your platform?

Answer. Absolutely! We offer a range of coloring kits tailored for toddlers, from crayons to kids colouring pencils.

Q4. Are the oil pastels for kids safe to use?

Answerns. Yes, our oil pastels for kids are non-toxic and crafted keeping young artists in mind.

Q5. What is included in the school stationery set?

Answer. Our school stationery set includes essentials like pencils, erasers, rulers, notebooks, and more, making it a one-stop solution.

Q6. Do you offer craft sets for kids?

Answer. Indeed! Our craft sets for kids are comprehensive, ensuring hours of creative fun.

Q7. How can I ensure the stationery I buy is of top quality?

Answer. Our commitment is to provide only the best. All our kids school stationary and related products are tested for quality and safety.

Q8. Can I gift a stationery kit for kids from your portal?

Answer. Absolutely! Our stationery kit for kids makes for a thoughtful and practical gift. Choose from our wide range and surprise a little one today!

Crafted with love and expertise, our range of kids stationery online ensures that shopping for school stationery online in UAE is now a breeze. Dive in and discover the best for your child today!


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