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Kids Story Books and Bedtime Story Books

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Buy Story Book online from a collection of 1721 Products at with prices starting at AED 5.

Story Books For Kids: A Universe of Wonder and Discovery

Discover the Magic of Story Books for Kids

A child's imagination is a powerful thing, a canvas where every tale paints a vivid picture. Our mission at [Your Ecommerce Portal Name] is to ensure that every bedtime story, every narrative, and every character brings forth the magic that lingers in these young minds. Our collection, carefully curated for the children of the UAE, brings together a vast and varied range of kids story books.

Types of Story Books for Kids

1. Character-based Story books:

Characters are the soul of any storybook. They’re the friends children make, the guides they follow, and the heroes they look up to. Our character-based books are teeming with such memorable personas, each teaching a lesson, sharing a laugh, or taking the young reader on an unforgettable adventure. From globally celebrated characters to locally adored ones, this collection promises stories that stay. Especially popular are our kids story books in English featuring renowned characters.

2. Classic Story Books Collection:

Classics are stories that have stood the test of time. These are tales our grandparents whispered into our ears, the ones we, in turn, share with the next generation. A treasure trove of bedtime story books and narratives that have charmed generations, our Classic Collection is a journey back in time, interwoven with lessons, morals, and a sense of nostalgia.

3. Bedtime Story Books:

The tradition of bedtime stories is age-old. As the world outside winds down, and the stars twinkle, it's the perfect time for a tale. Our range of bedtime story books for kids ensures that the transition from a bustling day to peaceful night is filled with fantasy and wonder. With good night stories for kids that range from calming tales to adventurous narratives, bedtime becomes a journey in itself.

4. Mix Story Collection Books:

Why stick to one genre when you can explore many? Perfect for the curious mind, our Mix Story Collection offers a plethora of tales. Whether it's diving deep into folklore, exploring tales of valor, or chuckling at a humorous narrative, this collection ensures every mood and interest is catered to.

5. 3D Story Books:

Reading is not just about words; it's also about visualization. Our 3D books bring stories to life, quite literally! They're more than just books; they're an experience. Perfect for tactile learners, these books make every story an interactive journey, amplifying the magic manifold.

6. Mythology and Religious Books:

Every culture, every tradition, and every region has stories that are passed down, stories that shape beliefs and values. Our collection of Mythology and Religious books offers tales that are rich in history, morals, and teachings. They are a gateway to understanding different cultures and traditions, all while being engrossed in captivating narratives.

7. Suspense & Thriller Story Books:

For those young hearts that beat faster with every twist and turn, our Suspense & Thriller section promises edge-of-the-seat narratives. With plots that weave mystery and intrigue, these books are perfect for kids who love the thrill of the unknown.

8. Comic Book:

Laughter, they say, is the best medicine. Our comic books not only offer a hearty laugh but also ensure that learning is fun. Vibrant illustrations paired with witty dialogues make these books a hit among kids and adults alike. They're the perfect balance of entertainment and education.

Language Options for Our Books

Our collection isn't just diverse in terms of genres but also languages. We understand the UAE's rich linguistic tapestry and ensure our library reflects it.


From classic English tales to modern narratives, our kids story books in English cater to every taste and age group.


Dive deep into the heart of the Middle East with our Arabic collection, rich in tradition, morals, and tales that resonate with the soul.


Bringing a slice of the Indian subcontinent to the UAE, our Hindi books offer stories that are a blend of culture, tradition, and timeless lessons.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What age group do these children story books cater to?

Answer: Our collection is versatile, catering to toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids. Check the recommended age on each book description.

2. Are there bilingual story books for kids available?

Answer: Yes, we offer a selection of bilingual books, aiding in multilingual development.

3. Do you offer baby books online?

Answer: Absolutely! We have a curated collection of story books for toddlers and babies available online for your convenience.

4. How can I find the most popular bedtime story books for kids?

Answer: You can sort by popularity or check our ‘Best Sellers’ section, where we feature top-rated good night stories for kids.

5. Are there discounts available for bulk purchases?

Answer: Yes, we often offer discounts on bulk purchases. Please check our ongoing offers or get in touch with our customer service.

6. Can I get recommendations based on my child's age and interest?

Answer: Of course! Reach out to our support team, and they'll be happy to guide you to the best selections.

7. Do you have any newly released kids story books?

Answer: We constantly update our inventory with the latest releases. Check our ‘New Arrivals’ section regularly.

8. Are digital versions available for these story books?

Answer: Currently, we offer physical copies, but we're always exploring new avenues. Stay tuned for digital editions in the future!

Ignite your child’s imagination and foster their love for reading with our handpicked collection of story books for kids. Dive into a world of endless adventures today!


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