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Tableware - Cutlery, Serving Sets & more.

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Elevate Your Dining Experience with Exquisite Tableware Accessories in UAE

Embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of dining experiences with our curated selection of tableware accessories. In the vibrant heart of the UAE, where tradition melds seamlessly with modernity, a well-set table is a testament to hospitality and finesse.

Types of Tableware Accessories 

1. Placemats

In the realm of fine dining, placemats hold a place of honor. These subtle yet crucial elements set the tone for your table, acting as the backdrop to a symphony of flavors and aesthetics. In the UAE, where every meal is an opportunity to make an impression, our collection of placemats is crafted to captivate.

Our range spans a spectrum of materials, from the classic elegance of linen to the modern appeal of easy-to-clean silicone. Catering to the varied tastes and styles of the UAE populace, we source designs that echo the timeless sands of the Arabian desert as well as those that resonate with the vibrant pulse of Dubai’s cityscape.

The placemats are not merely functional but are pieces of art that adorn your tables, reflecting your style and sophistication. Be it a family dinner or a lavish feast, our placemats seamlessly blend with every occasion.

2. Runners

A table runner gracefully adorning the center of a dining table is akin to a delicate brushstroke on a canvas. In the cultural melting pot of the UAE, our table runners serve as a bridge between traditional grandeur and contemporary elegance.

Our collection is meticulously curated, offering pieces that range from hand-embroidered treasures reflecting Emirati heritage to chic and minimalist designs for the modern urbanite. These runners are sourced from around the world and are crafted to be both durable and stunning.

In the UAE, a table runner is not just a piece of cloth but a narrative, weaving stories of hospitality, warmth, and shared bonds. With our vast array of options, your dining table is transformed into a stage, ready to host memorable performances every day.

3.  Coasters

Coasters are essential tableware accessories that protect your table surfaces from moisture and heat damage caused by glasses and cups. Our coaster collection combines functionality with elegance, offering a variety of designs and materials to complement any decor style.

4. Trays and Platters

Trays and platters are versatile accessories perfect for serving appetizers, drinks, or desserts with style and convenience. Whether you prefer sleek and modern designs or intricate traditional patterns, our collection has something to suit every occasion and taste.

5. Table Linen

Complete your table setting with our range of table linen accessories. Whether you're hosting an intimate dinner party or a grand banquet, our collection offers a variety of tablecloths, table runners, and placemats in luxurious fabrics and exquisite designs to suit your taste and style.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What types of tableware accessories are popular in the UAE?

Answer. In the UAE, the popularity of tableware accessories extends from placemats, runners, and coasters to exquisite napkin rings, embodying a perfect blend of tradition and modern aesthetics.

Q2. How can I choose the right placemat for my table?

Answer. Selecting the right placemat involves considering several factors, including the shape and size of your table, the color palette of your dining space, the material, and the ambiance you aim to create. Our diverse collection ensures you find a placemat that resonates with your taste and enhances your dining experience.

Q3. Are the table runners suitable for all types of tables?

Answer. Absolutely! Our table runners are crafted to suit various table shapes and sizes. Whether you have a round, rectangular, or oval table, our runners will add a layer of elegance and sophistication to your setting.

Q4. How do I care for and maintain my tableware accessories?

Answer. Maintaining your tableware accessories requires minimal effort. Most placemats and runners can be easily wiped clean or hand-washed. Always refer to the care instructions provided with each product to ensure longevity.

Q5. Can I customize my tableware accessories?

Answer. Yes, we take pride in offering customization options for bulk orders. Tailor your tableware accessories to your specific preferences, ensuring a unique touch to your dining space.

Q6. Do you offer international brands of tableware accessories?

Answer. Certainly! Our collection encompasses a mix of both local and international brands, ensuring a diverse and rich selection that caters to the unique tastes of our UAE clientele.

Q7. What materials are commonly used in your tableware accessories?

Answer. Our tableware collection includes a plethora of materials such as linen, cotton, silk, bamboo, and eco-friendly options, ensuring we have something to suit every need and preference.

Q8. How can tableware accessories enhance my dining experience?

Answer. Tableware accessories, such as placemats and runners, contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your dining setup. They not only protect your table but also create a visually appealing and cohesive look, enhancing the overall dining experience.


In the vibrant landscape of the UAE, where every meal is a celebration, our tableware accessories promise to add a touch of elegance and sophistication. With an expansive and carefully curated collection, we ensure that your dining experience is not just about the food but also about creating memories around the table. Explore our collection today and transform your dining space into a canvas of exquisite taste and timeless elegance.


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