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Kids Bikes, Cycles, Bicycles & Baby Trikes

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Buy Tricycles, Bicycles & Go Karts online from a collection of 572 Products at with prices starting at AED 7.
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Bicycles, Tricycles & Go Karts For Baby & Kids in UAE

Welcome to your one-stop hub, dedicated to fueling the adventures of the young souls in UAE region. We bring to you a comprehensive collection of bicycles, tricycles, and go karts, all meticulously crafted for babies and kids. From first rides to thrilling races, we've got it covered.

Types of Bicycles, Tricycles & Go Karts:

1. Bicycles:

Toddlers Bicycle:

Every journey begins with a single pedal. Our toddlers' bicycles are specially designed for those initial years of exploration. Be it termed as a "bicycle for baby" or "bikes for babies", these are ideal for children aged 1-3.

Kids Bicycle:

As they grow, so do their aspirations. Our range of kids' bicycles, sometimes referenced as "bicycle kids", "kids bicycle", or "kids bike", are robust, stylish, and built for the next level of cycling adventures.

2. Accessories:

It's not just about the ride but the experience. Elevate each journey with our curated list of accessories, ensuring both safety and fun.

3. Tricycles:

The charm of three wheels never fades. Our range of "tricycles for babies" ensures stability, safety, and endless hours of fun. They're the perfect stepping stone before transitioning to bicycles.

4. Training or Balance Bikes:

Beyond just a "ride on bike for kids", these are foundational tools. They're engineered to hone balance and coordination, ensuring that the transition to a proper bicycle is seamless and confident.

5. Go Karts:

Racing dreams begin young. Our "kids go-karts" collection promises not just speed but also paramount safety. Let your young racers feel the wind in their hair, under the protective umbrella of world-class safety standards.

Features of Bicycles, Tricycles & Go-Karts:


Every little adventurer needs their essentials. Our storage solutions ensure they can carry their favorite toys, snacks, or even their little treasures with them.

Trainer Wheel:

As they embark on their cycling journey, a little support goes a long way. Our trainer wheels provide the necessary stability, ensuring they can pedal with confidence.

With Bell:

A delightful ring can announce their adventures. Our bells are both fun and functional, ensuring they're noticed as they ride around.

Foot Rest:

Riding can be tiring, and those little feet need their rest. Our footrests are designed keeping in mind comfort and ergonomics.


The terrains of the MENA region are diverse. Our suspension systems ensure every ride is smooth, irrespective of where they choose to explore.

With Gears:

For the budding cycling enthusiasts ready to up their game, we offer bicycles with gears. These are perfect for older kids seeking a bit of challenge and versatility in their rides.


Let every ride have a soundtrack. Some of our models come equipped with musical features, turning each journey into a delightful parade. Safety Harness: At the heart of all our products is safety. Our safety harnesses ensure they're always secure, no matter the speed or terrain.

Parent Push Handle:

Sometimes, they need a guiding hand. Our parent push handles allow you to be a part of their journey, ensuring they're always headed in the right direction.


The UAE sun can be relentless. Our canopies ensure they're always shielded, allowing for longer and more comfortable rides.

Seat Safety Bar:

Additional safety features like our seat safety bars guarantee that they remain securely in place, allowing you to be at ease.

Frequenty Asked Questions(FAQs):

1. What age is ideal for a toddler's bicycle?

Ans: Our toddlers' bicycles are crafted keeping in mind children aged 1-3. However, individual comfort and motor skills can vary, so always choose based on your child's readiness.

2. How do I decide between a tricycle and a training bike?

Ans: Tricycles offer great stability for younger children just beginning their cycling journey. Balance or training kids bikes, on the other hand, are tailored for older toddlers, focusing on developing balance without the aid of trainer wheels.

3. Are the kid's go-karts designed with safety in mind?

Ans: Absolutely! Our go-karts for kids adhere to rigorous safety standards, ensuring they can enjoy speed while being cocooned in safety.

4. What are the must-have accessories for a kid's bicycle?

Ans: While a helmet is non-negotiable for safety, other accessories like bells, storage baskets, and trainer wheels can be chosen based on your child's individual needs and preferences.

5. Do all bicycles come equipped with a safety harness?

Ans: Several models, especially those for younger children, come with safety harnesses. It's always best to check the product details or get in touch with us for specific information.

6. Can I attach a parent push handle to any bicycle?

Ans: Parent push handles are typically model-specific. Before purchasing, it's advisable to check the compatibility or contact us for clarity.

7. Any tips on maintaining my child's bicycle in the UAE's unique climate?

Ans: Given the UAE's sunny and sandy environment, it's crucial to check tire pressures regularly, clean off accumulated sand, and ideally store the bicycle indoors or in shaded areas.

8. Are these bicycles designed for the varied terrains in the MENA region?

Ans: Yes, many of our bicycles come with features like suspension to cater to diverse terrains, ensuring comfort and durability

From the first pedal to thrilling races, our collection promises safety, joy, and a plethora of memories. Whether you're seeking a "bicycle for babies", a versatile "cycle for kids", or an adrenaline-pumping go-kart, we are here to serve your needs.


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