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School Kits for Boys and Girls

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Buy School Kit online from a collection of 263 Products at with prices starting at AED 52.

Kids School Kit - UAE's Ultimate Destination for Little Scholars

Welcome to the UAE's treasured spot for all of your child's academic needs. The start of school is more than a new chapter; it’s a life event. Every parent dreams of ensuring that their child has the finest school kit. Whether you’re in search of a school kit for boys, an all-inclusive school kit for kids, or merely looking for individual items, our collection is designed to satisfy every need of our esteemed UAE customers.

Types of Kids School Kits:

1. School Bags & Backpacks:

The very essence of a school journey begins with the right backpack. A child's backpack isn’t just about carrying books; it represents their style, personality, and comfort. Our collection ensures that whether it’s a school kit bag for boys or a diverse kids school kit bag, every child finds something that resonates with their spirit. Our designs range from vibrant graphics to minimalist styles, crafted meticulously to ensure ergonomic support for young backs.

2. Lunch Boxes & Bags:

Lunchtime is an oasis of fun in a school day. With our school bag and lunch bag combo, ensure your child gets the full experience. Our collection of lunch boxes & bags not only speaks to functionality but is a testament to trending designs. Our school bag lunch box combo offers not just convenience but a style statement. Every lunch break will be a burst of joy with these in tow.

3. Pencil Pouch & Boxes:

In the chaos of a school day, a bit of organization goes a long way. With our pencil pouches and boxes, your child can keep their stationery sorted. From slender designs perfect for a few essentials to spacious ones for art aficionados, our collection caters to all. Not just about utility, these pouches also make a style statement, especially when paired with the rest of our kids school kit.

4. Water Bottles:

In the UAE's warm climes, staying hydrated is not just a need; it’s a must. Our water bottles are meticulously designed to offer durability, safety, and a touch of fun. Whether your child fancies superheroes or cute animals, our collection has something to strike a chord. And of course, these bottles are leak-proof and BPA-free, ensuring safety at every sip.

Character Shop School Kits:

- Disney Princess:

Every fairy tale dream begins with a hint of magic, and our Disney Princess collection is just that. From shimmering designs to detailed graphics, your child will truly feel royal. Perfect for those seeking an elegant flair in their school kit for kids.

- Paw Patrol School Kits:

Adventure awaits with our Paw Patrol collection. Tailor-made for young explorers, this range ensures they’re prepped and ready for every challenge. Especially popular as a school kit for boys, this collection merges utility with fun.

- Spiderman School Kits:

For those who dream of swinging between skyscrapers and saving the day, our Spiderman collection is the ultimate ally. Representing strength, agility, and spirit, this is a perfect addition to any school kit.

- Disney Minnie Mouse School Kits:

Classic, timeless, and radiating charm - our Minnie Mouse collection stands as a testament to elegance and joy. Paired with the rest of our kids school kit, it's bound to be a showstopper.

- Mickey Mouse & Friends School Kits:

School becomes a delightful journey with Mickey and his gang. From vibrant graphics to functional designs, this collection promises fun and learning hand-in-hand.

- Disney Pixar Cars School Kits:

For the young racers at heart, our Cars collection promises speed, thrill, and style. Be it a toddler backpack lunchbox combo or an individual item, it’s designed to impress.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What materials are used in the kids' school kit?

Answer. Our school kits are made from top-tier, long-lasting materials, ensuring longevity and child safety.

Q2. Is there a combo offer for a school bag and lunch bag?

Answer. Yes! Dive into our "school bag lunch box combo" and "toddler backpack lunchbox combo" selections for fantastic deals and combinations.

Q3. Can I find a specialized school kit for boys?

Answer. Absolutely. We’ve curated a special range of school kit for boys, with designs and characters they're sure to adore.

Q4. Are the water bottles leak-proof?

Answer. Without a doubt, our water bottles are crafted to prevent any spills and are designed with kids in mind.

Q5. Do you offer discounts on bulk orders for school kit for kids?

Answer. Indeed, we provide bulk purchase discounts. Get in touch with our customer support for more information.

Q6. How frequently do you introduce new character-based merchandise?

Answer. We consistently refresh our character shop based on popular trends and new releases. Stay tuned for fresh arrivals!

Q7. Are the products tailored for toddlers and young children’s safety?

Answer. Absolutely! Safety is paramount, and our products go through rigorous quality checks to be deemed child-friendly.

Q8. What’s your policy on returns or exchanges if I’m not satisfied?

Answer. We pride ourselves on a customer-friendly return and exchange policy. Please review our terms for detailed insights.

In Conclusion:

Kicking off a school year is more than academics; it’s setting up your child with the right tools for both learning and fun. Explore our extensive collection to find the ideal school kit, school kit bag, or specialized kids school kit tailored for UAE’s young scholars. Here’s to delightful school days ahead!


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